More Fun With The Luxe Guesthouse

February 28, 2009 ·
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It’s Saturday afternoon and I am pleased to announce that the fun isn’t over yet with Greenpoint’s newest luxury hostel— in fact, it looks like it has just begun. Apparently the Luxe Guesthouse at 184 Eagle Street (as seen above) is only one of three hostels Fizzburg Equity Partners LLC has set up in Greenpoint. And it doesn’t stop there: three more such establishments are in the works. Don’t believe me? Read the following email thoughtfully provided by an anonymous tipster who writes:

Thought you might want to read this, since I saw a posting on your site. I got it a while back from a girl in town who was working with the local businesses to try to get us to hire her firm for PR. We didn’t, but apparently this is her new venture…luxury hostels.



Miss Heather

P.S.: Be sure to mark your calendars kids; per their Facebook page the Luxe Guesthouse’s Grand Opening is March 15th! For more info on Kisha (and her plan to take over the world) click here.

Presenting The Luxe Guesthouse

February 27, 2009 ·
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(or: Where Condos In Greenpoint Go After They Die).

This item comes courtesy of a tipster who prefers to remain anonymous. As you read on you’ll understand why: the following “digs” are probably illegal as hell.*


This establishment purports to be located in Greenpoint. But where, you ask? Try this one on for size!


184 Eagle Street. Yes, sir. If you’re looking for a place to hang your hat (and the Greenpoint Hotel is not your cup of tea) why not give the Luxe Guesthouse a whirl? A single bunk will set you back a paltry $28.00 a night! Those seeking more private accommodations will be asked to tender $79.00 a night. The catch: you have to sign a one week lease! Don’t believe me? Point and click your way over their web site or look at this ad on Craigslist and see for yourself! Sleep tight…

…and don’t let the bedbugs bite!

Miss Heather

*What could possibly be shady about an operation whose “directions” page says this?


New York Shitty Day Starter: An Open Letter To Governor Paterson

When I finally had the time and wherewithal to contact you were unavailable. So here it is.

Dear Mr. Paterson,

Several months ago I was contacted by a person from Richard Gottfried’s office about illegal hotels. She wanted to know about any and all illegal hotel activity I knew about in Williamsburg. Despite being the proprietress of the Village Voice’s “Best Neighborhood Blog of 2009” I was not as helpful as I would have liked to have been; I live in Greenpoint.

However, Greenpoint has its fair share of this kind of thing and I brought them to her attention. Foremost and above all is 184 Eagle Street (formerly known as the Luxe Guesthouse). How do I know about this, you ask? Very simple: I have had residents of said building email me.  Repeatedly. Follows are a couple of their complaints:

“Greetings… I noticed that you covered the “shadiness” that is the development at 184 Eagle St. I am sad to say, I am a resident at 184 Eagle St, and unbelievably I am under a lease. I can tell you first hand that this place is basically a Hostel, and while most original tenants have found a way out of here, I am still trying (with my security/last month intact). Nevertheless, shady things keep happening at the building (the other day a group of girls at the door asked me if the “club” was open today, whatever that means).” From May 14, 2009.

“I am very sad to say that I also live at the now ramshackle shanty condo located at 184 Eagle Street… Similarly to the last resident who dropped you a note, I’ve come across some unsavory characters wandering around in, and trying to follow me into the building. After I shut the door before the last bunch could get in, the guy started yelling at me through the glass and randomly dialing numbers on the call box. I don’t feel safe here at all anymore. Indeed, it simply isn’t.”

This hails from a building where people who are paying $2,000+ a month in rent. In other words: “people who matter”. Speaking as someone who lives a few blocks away I can assure you the “safety” issue extends much further than 184 Eagle Street proper. If the “transactions” I’ve seen are any indication I’d say the drug business is thriving. I have little doubt this underground tourist trade is in large part responsible for this; backpackers looking for a bunk and a good time— with no regard for their neighbors. They drink, get high, break and leave. My community has to deal with the consequences.

If you want to see more abject examples I’d suggest looking at Hotel Toshi’s web site. I recognized (albeit by not specific addresses) quite a few buildings he is employing as hotel space. The one that really got to me was Mr. Toshi’s “Southside Swiss Chalet”. This is, most assuredly, located in a rent-stabilized building.

I’ve featured all the previous and more on my website, Mr. Paterson.  Please approve this legislation.

As I said before: apartments should be for New Yorkers, not tourists.

Miss Heather

Quicklink: A Timely New York Times Editorial

It was recently brought to my attention by a buddy of mine at Joe Lentol’s office that legislation has been brought forward by State Senator Liz Krueger and Assemblyman Richard Gottfried to end the nuisance that are illegal hotels in our city (such as the now defunct Luxe Guesthouse which operated at 184 Eagle Street right here in the Garden Spot and can be seen at left) once and for all. What’s more, the New York Times has seen fit to print a pretty good editorial supporting this legislation. Please give this item a read and, if you agree, take a moment to make our Governor aware that you do not support residential apartments— especially those in rent stabilized buildings— being pressed into service as transient housing. Housing in New York City should be for New Yorkers, not tourists.


Miss Heather

LAST GASP: Help Wanted

Anonymous writes: I was combing craigslist for food/beverage jobs in Williamsburg, which I periodically do when I’m feeling angry at never getting paid to write, and came across this listing which looked funny:

Commission payout averages $8.00 – $12.00 per hour. Exactly what constitutes a “commission payout”? This is beginning to stink. Big time.

Anonymous goes on to write:

That “hostel” is apparently the same as “luxury” loft rental building “The Glove Factory” on Graham Avenue.

That would certainly appear to be the case. Anonymous (who has proven him/herself to be very resourceful), goes on to ask:

Anyways, I don’t know much about “mixed-use” buildings, and maybe I’m missing something here, but can you have a part-rental/part-hostel building?  Because if I was paying those ridiculous rents, I’d be pissed that part of my building was a hotel.

Your wisdom on the matter will be greatly appreciated!

And no, I will not be applying for that job.

Well, there is no Certificate of Occupancy on file.

But this might be illuminating!

You can read it all here.

I know, you’re just as surprised as I am. In closing, I would feel remiss if I didn’t share City-Space’s description of the Glove Factory Lofts in its entirety. It’s a hoot!

The Glove Factory Luxury Lofts We welcome you take a step back into the heart of Old world Brooklyn with the latest renovated loft building- the Glove Factory. Built at the turn of the century and preserved to its original grandeur, the Glove Factory includes many of her original attributes including exposed brick, timber columns, rod iron doors and wood flooring restored beautifully as if it was built just yesterday. Once inside the lobby, you will be taken back to a much simpler time where horse drawn carriages ruled the streets and the Dodgers called Brooklyn home. Built with modern architectural elements, every apartment features an open style loft living experience including 14ft ceilings, original beams, exposed brick and century old factory doors. Each loft has its own character as not one is the same as the other. Although restored with original historical components, the lofts have been modernized for 21st century New York life. Sound proof windows, state of the art designer kitchens, contemporary living rooms and luxurious baths ensure that every convenience grants you the lifestyle you have earned. Slow down and enjoy a drink at the roof deck while embracing magnificent city views. A fully equipped gym is located conveniently in the building as is a laundry room, bike storage, stroller storage, Fresh Direct storage, business lounge, free wifi and a 24 hour Kim’s International Market.

Just like the good ol’ days when there was a servant class, horse-drawn carriages, state-of-the art kitchens, free wifi, stroller and Fresh Direct storage!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Get a load of this bit of subliminal advertising.

Yet More Fun At 184 Eagle Street: F**king FED UP!!!

July 10, 2009 ·
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184eaglethumb(Formerly known as the Luxe Guesthouse)

Anonymous writes (in an email entitled I’m F**cking FED UP!!!):

OMG, the fun REALLY just doesn’t stop here at 184 Eagle.

Apparently, Sam Fruchter (the owner of the building, Best On Eagle) and a few tenants got into a huge fight about his lack of a valid Certificate of Occupancy and his continued attempts to rent apartments to more people than the fire code allows. The building has been illegally occupied for over 1 year.

He’s been quietly negotiating rock bottom rents with most of us, offering better units etc., to keep people who know what’s happening silent and honestly the price offered is better, but NOW I’m concerned. While searching for greener pastures (aka a new legit apartment), I found his newest POSTING while searching for new space in the neighborhood.

What F***king gives!!! — No matter how much we complain, no matter how much he says otherwise -  He still continues to post ads on craigslist that CLEARLY and OPENLY state his willingness to SLEEP up to 6~ in a 2 bedroom apartment. ON CRAIGSLIST LONG TERM!!!!  LONG TERM Miss Heather!!!

THIS MAN JUST DOESN’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP!!!! You CANNOT sleep 6 in a 2 bedroom – it’s against fire code…….He’s not even hiding it ANYMORE!!! Also, can 6 people even legally sign a lease in a new building that does not have a Certificate of Occupancy???? (check out the 3rd paragraph).

The six people disturbs me a little bit, BUT what REALLY disturbs me more, is his willingness to post it on Craigslist – IMAGINE how many he’s REALLY willing to allow to “sleep”, if he’s comfortable posting that on craigslist.

I don’t trust this guy. Now, I know for sure that he simply doesn’t care about the quality of life of his tenants. It’s all about the money. Look @ this ad Ms. Heather !!!! This apartment looks mighty familiar!!!

He’s working with two new guys*, but it’s the same CRAP, but NOW it’s LONGTERM! PLEASE call the telephone #  and set-up your own “appointment” to fact-check.

vacation rentalREV

NOW I AM REALLY OUT OF HERE, any one willing to sign a “lease” is not looking at the bigger picture!!!!

Sincerely Furious.


I have written about this property time and time again.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: 184 Eagle Street

More Fun At 184 Eagle Street

From The New York Shitty Inbox: The Fun Keeps On Coming At 184 Eagle Street…

More Fun With The Luxe Guesthouse

Presenting The Luxe Guesthouse

Nothing happens.

Same song, different verse. I wonder how long it will take the Department of Buildings to pick up the tune?

Miss Heather

P.S.: Anonymous later wrote:

…forgot the copy of the link (screencap — Ed. Note), just in case they take it down (learned that from you).

This makes me proud. In my three years of hammering away at New York Shitty, the fact this person took a screencap of said advertisement (which I annotated) made my trials and tribulations totally worth it.

*Where did Kisha Richardson, AKA: go? Don’t bother looking it up here, look up “


June 22, 2009 ·
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239 Myrtle

Well, it did fall.

The previous slide show beautifully illustrates the ineptitude of the Department of Buildings (lest I have not made it clear already*) comes courtesy of Lesterhead. With public servants like this, who needs enemies?

You can peruse complaints leading up to this incident including these gems dating from May 1, 2009



by clicking here and here. And do check out Clinton Hill Blog for the full scoop.

Miss Heather

*And of course there is my personal favorite: 156 India Street. You were (and are) really on top of that one, Department of Buildings! Hence why the Red Cross was brought in.

P.S.: For those of you who are curious (or homeless as a consequence of this) 493 Myrtle Avenue LLC can be reached here.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: 184 Eagle Street

June 19, 2009 ·
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If anyone from the Department of Buildings is reading this (and finally feels inclined to inspect this building which has a number of complaints filed that an illegal hotel is being operated on the premises— some of which date as far back as February) you might want to check out this unit located on easternmost corner of the 5th floor.


As you can see a pair of bunk beds are clearly visible from the street. Bunk beds, I will add, which bear a striking resemblance to the ones featured on Luxe Guesthouse’s web site.*


It doesn’t get much more obvious than this, folks. Not that I expect this post (or any of my previous posts about this building) to motivate the Department of Buildings to actually do anything. They’ve sat on their hands for five months and I have little doubt they will continue to do so for at least five more.

I have said it before and I’ll say it again:

What is the point of having laws on the books if they are not enforced?

This is laughable.

Miss Heather

Image Credits/Information: The former photograph was taken yesterday, June 18 at approximately 10:00 p.m. The latter comes courtesy of Hostel Bookers dot com.

*Which is currently parked but a new and improved site is promised. Hence why I gleaned the latter image from Hostel Bookers dot com.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: The Fun Keeps On Coming At 184 Eagle Street…

May 14, 2009 ·
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or would that be the Luxe Guesthouse?


Anonymous writes:

Greetings… I noticed that you covered the “shadiness” that is the development at 184 Eagle St. I am sad to say, I am a resident at 184 Eagle St, and unbelievably I am under a lease. I can tell you first hand that this place is basically a Hostel, and while most original tenants have found a way out of here, I am still trying (with my security/last month intact). Nevertheless, shady things keep happening at the building (the other day a group of girls at the door asked me if the “club” was open today, whatever that means).

Perhaps that D.O.B. complaint I found so amusing is true?


As you can see this was filed February, 5 2009…


and we’re still waiting.

In closing here are some screencaps of Luxe Guesthouse’s and Department of Buildings respective web sites for your amusement.


Since when in the course of requesting a reservation is one’s gender, nature of visit and nationality been relevant to secure a place to hang one’s hat. Oh wait, I forgot, this place is totally illegal!


1/30/09: the Department of Buildings takes note that 184 Eagle Street is a new building without a valid Certificate of Occupancy.

2/27/09: I am tipped off to an illegal hotel/hostel being operated at 184 Eagle Street.

2/28/09: I am tipped off that the powers behind Luxe Guesthouse have been canvassing Greenpoint businesses.


3/19/09: “Caller states there is an illegal apartment on the 5th floor”


3/19/09: the Department of Buildings takes note, once again, that 184 Eagle Street has no valid Certificate of Occupancy.

3/30/09: I beat my head against the wall once again.


4/3/09: The Department of Buildings notes the elevator at “182 Eagle” is not functioning properly. So they issue paperwork to the respondent:

Best Value Inc.
394 McGuiness Blvd. LIC, NY 11222.

Could someone please explain to me the previous timeline of municipal malfeasance? Let’s review:

  • We have a building with no certificate of occupancy whatsoever.
  • Yet it is inhabited by renters…
  • and patrons of an illegal hotel/hostel.
  • The Department of Buildings is clearly aware of C of O issue.
  • They have cited the owners of this building twice for this offence.
  • They have cited the owners of this building for an inoperative elevator.
  • Yet the Department of Buildings has yet to figure out what many of us know already: 184 Eagle Street is being run as an illegal hostel/hotel.

Which brings me to this:


A Certificate of Occupancy is used for a number of purposes:

  1. to establish how a property is to be used, e.g.; residential, commercial, manufacturing, etc.
  2. it also establishes occupancy, e.g.; how many people can be in said space.
  3. it is used to determine taxes on landlords.

This building has no Certificate of Occupancy. Luxe Guesthouse, AKA: 184 Eagle Street, will only take cash, money orders, travelers checks and paypal. Can you say tax evasion?

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Starter: Back at it at 184 Eagle?

November 2, 2009 ·
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184eaglethumbRemember 184 Eagle Street? For those of you who don’t it is a failed condo (nondo) which was being pressed into service as an illegal “hostel”. Truth be told I had almost forgotten about this bit of real estate bust hilarity. Almost: I recently received a reminder in my inbox:

concerned neighbor who writes:

You know I really bought the whole rogue tenant thing UNTIL now!!!!

Here is a listing for a 1 week “sublet” @ 184 eagle street…



Perhaps I am being a stickler but didn’t the ad copy clearly state this apartment was furnished?


(to be continued, no doubt…)

Miss Heather

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