Spotted On Jefferson Street: The Mother of Invention

Yours truly has spied a number of fascinating urban artifacts during her peregrinations around north Brooklyn. Without argument this one takes the cake. Initially I thought this was some kind of homemade weapon. Upon closer inspection I concluded this item is, in fact, a piece of fitness equipment. More specifically: a barbell.

As you can see, two mop handles, four bricks, duct tape and packing tape have been pressed into service.

Here’s one end.

Here’s the other.

This is pretty damned brilliant if you ask me. In closing, I would like to give a BIG New York Shitty salute to the (anonymous) creator of this item. It’s ingenuity such as this that puts north Brooklyn head and shoulders above the rest. Bravo!

Miss Heather

Spotted In The East Village: Vin Diesel

As I was strolling down East 10 Street today I had the feeling I was being watched.

Sure enough, I was. By none other than Vin Diesel the star of the (certain to be) cinematic masterpiece Fast Five. Needless to say I went in for a closer look.

As I was shutter-bugging away the chap responsible for this tableau came out. I asked him what gives. He told me he found “Vin” on the street and simply had to bring him home and place it in his window. Being the citizen journalist I am I had to know:

I see Mr. Diesel has “SHOOT ME” written on him. Did you do this and if so, why? Do you have something against Mr. Diesel?

My new friend assured me he found Vin this condition and has no issues with Mr. Diesel or Fast Five whatsoever. Rather, he thought it would be fun to have passersby think Vin Diesel was watching them. He then opined:

His eyes seem to follow you. Try it!

The Mister “tried it” and we all concurred that they, in fact, do. As is often the case during my peregrinations, the tables were then turned: the questioner became the questionee! Yours truly was put in the “hot seat”.

Who is the guy next to him?

He asked. To wit I replied:

The Rock.* duh

I am pleased to report I passed this test with flying colors! It was at this time we wished each other well and parted ways. The Mister put it best when he said:

This is why I love living in New York City.


Miss Heather

*Dwayne Johnson my ass. He will always be known to yours truly as “The Rock”.



From The New York Shitty Photo Pool, Part II: Eschete

Eshete Again: Cobble Hill Brooklyn

Taken by Chris Arnade.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Photos du Jour: Spring Has Sprung!

The menagerie at North 1st Street and Bedford Avenue is proving to be provocative than usual lately.

Miss Heather

Missing On Milton Street: Rasta Banana Man

Taken April 26, 2011.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool, Part III: The Queen of Queens

The Queen Of Queens

Of this, one of yours trulys favorite people, the taker of the above photograph, SeanieDawg, writes:

Oswaldo Gomez, the self-appointed “Queen of Queens” has been spotted all over NYC, never without his trusted parrot and not pictured, his little poodle. Both of these creatures are just as colorful as he is, and although this picture was taken in Coney Island, he resides in Jackson Heights, Queens.

I honestly cannot believe I missed this item before— so here it is! Thanks again, SeanieDawg!

Miss Heather

P.S.: I have word her dog’s name is Carino. No word on what her feathered friend, though.

Jackson Heights Photos du Jour: A Little Sunshine On A Dreary Day

As some of you might recall I featured a photograph of this lass earlier this year. It was taken by none other than the immensely talented (and very nice) Steven R. Hazlett in Chelsea. So you can imagine my delight, dear readers, when I stumbled upon “Lady Gaga’s Grandmother” (also known as Oswaldo Gomez)  herself today on Roosevelt Avenue in Jackson Heights! Not only was she (and furry friend) looking fine (as always) but she even complimented me on my hair! You can see more pictures of Oswaldo by clicking here.

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Photos du Jour: A Message From Meeker Avenue

The hand-written missive in this window reads as follows:

My every thought of you fills me with pleasure.


Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Very Special Piece of Street Seating

Amy (who took the above photograph) tendered nothing in the way of an explanation regarding this delightful item save its location: Banker Street at Wythe Avenue. I suspect I speak for everyone when I write that no more data is necessary: this comfy chair with an itch to scratch pretty much speaks for itself. Anyone care to take it home tonight?

Miss Heather

Spotted At Tompkins Square Park: Drug Free Zone

Taken March 30, 2011.

Miss Heather

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