Urban Fur: Foxx Face?



From North 1 Street.

Urban Fur: No Dogs Allowed






Such is day (or at least 16 hours of one) in the life of Williamsburg’s hardworking— and even harder chillaxin’— shop cats…

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Found In Sunnyside

April 15, 2013 ·
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A very nice and fellow cat) lady, Stephanie, writes:

I Heather! If you don’t mind, could you please share this? I found him in Sunnyside and hope someone is looking for him. I know you have significant reach. I’ll be posting fliers in the neighborhood tonight. THANK YOU!

I asked Stephanie for more information about this handsome fellow— and she delivered!

First seen Friday night on 40th Street between Queens Blvd and 43rd Avenue (“The Skillman side” of Queens Blvd). Was very friendly and hungry and ran right up to me for petting. Was hiding under cars, did not seem to be a local and it’s in front of my building, I’ve never seen him and I have mad street cat radar. The next morning, I went out to see if he was there and he was a little distressed under a car, skittish and crying a little. Again he came running straight up to me. I gave him some food and went back in for a carrier – when I returned he was nowhere to be found. I went out a few times in the day and couldn’t find him. As soon as it was dark I went outside to call for him and saw him on the sidewalk back arched in a near confrontation with a dog (thankfully on a leash). He ran into some bushes and I went over. I called him and he came right out and started talking to me and rubbing on me. I picked him up and put him in a carrier, he had no complaints – that is rare. he is not ear tipped and way to friendly for me to believe he lives on the street. He does not even know how to find a safe place to call home. There are ear tipped cats that live behind my building, but he did not seem to know what to do or where to go. I think he comes from a home and either got out/lost or was dumped by some bottom feeder. Black and white – young adult – talker – purrer – chirper – seems sweet, but is distressed in my bathroom with my jerk cat hissing at him from under the door. He’s eating and using the litter box and sitting in the window watching the birds. I will post fliers tonight and hope someone will claim him. It would be great if he had someone to hang out with that does not have cats to assess his personality, my cats do not accept adults, so he’s confined to my bathroom. I’m going to check in with my super to see if he’s ever seen him around and if he could foster him. He loves petting, but has swatted (no scratch/blood) at me twice. I hope this is just a nervous thing. It’s so hard to assess in a small space.

If anyone reading this knows to whom this fella belongs, please contact Stephanie via email at bigcitylittlekitty(at)yahoo(dot)com  —and spread the word! Thanks.

Spotted On Franklin Street: Missing

April 11, 2013 ·
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You know the drill: if you have seen this furkid or know of his/her whereabouts please contact his/her people at the above-listed telephone number. Thanks!

Adoptable Cutie: Voytek (and Friends)


I was (somewhat) recently contacted by a student at the University of Warsaw. Her thesis was exactly what, if nay, relations there are between “Poles” and “Americans” (which I am guessing is a polite way of saying “hipster”/”newcomer”) here. This weekend Ewa (an incredibly nice and thoughtful woman) asked me some follow-up questions. Answer them this morning I did. At length and exhaustive detail.  Thus I had Polish history/culture on the brain when I swung by North Brooklyn Cat’s adoption event this afternoon. As serendipity would have it, one of my fellow Greenpointers/cat ladies, Eva, was naming a new batch of kittens just pulled from a kill shelter. She was assigning them Polish names. I recommended “Voytek”. She had no idea who this fellow was, so I gave her the good news.

voytek3badassoftheweek The image at left (as gleaned from Badass Of The Week) says it all: a bear toting an artillery shell. You see, Voytek (an anglicized translation of Wojtek, which means “he who enjoys war” or “smiling warrior” had a very interesting life.

Very, VERY simply put, during World War II Polish troops, despite Nazi occupation, continued to fight. thatsprivateVoytektoyouOne such company did under the British. And it was in Iran that they made Voytek’s acquaintance. A child bore a bag with a sickly bear cub. They traded food rations in exchange for this furry fella. What followed was truly epic. “Voytek” not only became their “mascot” but when told they could not take a bear with them to fight at Monte Cassino, they made Voytek a private. Problem solved!

For this, he rewarded his “people” by carrying artillery shells. Hence why he is immortalized carrying one. Would, should, the Voytek “The Adoptable Cutie”  be trusted to such task? No. But I suspect if given the chance and human kindness Voytek will protect your home against all manner and variety of post-Communist infiltrators be they:

  • Dustbunnies
  • Bizzy balls
  • Catnip (it is this, not religion, that is the opiate of the kittens)

To see how Voytek and his many equally awesome furry friends in need of forever homes are faring click here.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Whiskers

March 19, 2013 ·
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From Quay Street.

Spotted On Roebling Street: LOST


No details are given about this cutie’s disappearance, but if anyone has seen him (her?) or knows of his whereabouts  say something to the phone number listed on the above-depicted flier. Thanks!

Urban Fur: Callie & Peter Revisited

pandcsmallNow that the holidays have come and gone, yours truly has recovered from whatever ailment was afflicting her AND is more or less settled into Chez Shitty 2.0 I opted to while away the sunny (if brisk) day with a sojourn through my community’s Industrial Business Zone.

While the reasons I opt to pound the pavement in this area— repeatedly— are manifold, today’s peregrinations had a purpose: to check in on my favorite feral feline of them all. Callie, as seen at left with her “person” Peter. The fact of the matter is I have seen neither hide nor hair of her since Hurricane Sandy struck. Naturally I have been quite concerned about this.

Anyhoo, this afternoon I finally made it to Bogart Street. This is where Callie holds court. I checked her shelter: nothing. Then I heard a voice:

Look behind you.

So I did.


Not only is Callie doing just fine but she was enjoying the day’s victuals in the comfort of Peter’s automobile! Suffice it to say this made me very, very happy. Those of you who wish to do so can view more images of Callie and Peter enjoying each other’s company by clicking here.


From The New York Shitty Photo Pool, Part II: Cattitude!

December 22, 2012 ·
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This portrait of one of yours truly’s favorite bodega cats comes courtesy of Will Star.

New York Shitty Day Ender: Smile!

Taken December 6, 2012.

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