Reader Contribution Du Jour: Spotted On Green Street

January 30, 2010 ·
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This image comes courtesy of Charles Vestal. NICE!

Miss Heather

TOMORROW: A Casino For Canines

January 30, 2010 ·
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I’m not a betting gal unless I have a sure shot. The Mister can attest to this. We once disputed rather vociferously over a mafia graveyard we saw on public television. The Mister said it was in Brooklyn; I said it was in Queens. I won. One dollar. For the rest of you animal lovers…

Casino Night
January 31, 2010 starting at 4:00 p.m.
Unleash Brooklyn/Dog Habitat
General Admission: $5.00
216 Franklin Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Everyone wins at this event. Peeps for pups (and kitties too)!

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Starter: Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

If you have not made the acquaintance of north Brooklyn’s most nattily dressed print reporter, Aaron Short, you should. He’s an interesting guy with a very pithy sense of humor. We are in more or less constant communication with each other about one thing or another. Which brings me to the item to the left: Nominate Burg’s Most Eligible Bachelor!

Aaron writes: …would you mind posting this on the blog? We’re looking for bachelors. And if you’d like to nominate someone that would be awesome too. I’ll be sorting through applications.

To wit I replied: *shudder* I take it 11222 is ineligible and BedStuy is totally out?

I get an answer from Aaron: Live or work in Williamsburg. I’ll take 11222 probably.

Probably. This is unacceptable. I know a great many Greenpoint chaps who deserve lovin’. Love (or lust for that matter) is no respecter of zip codes. I know this from personal experience. So, as the ad hoc ombudswoman of Greenpoint, I laid down the law:

11222 or no dice. I drive a hard bargain for my constituents.

Aaron acquiesced: Fine.

Stand up and be counted, Greenpoint gents and the ladies who love them— if only as friends. Make Aaron learn the stuff 11222 men are made of! Here’s how:

Please e-mail the nominee’s name, contact information, and a brief 50-word statement why you think they deserve to be nominated to ashort (at) cnglocal (dot) com by Tuesday, February 9. The winners will be announced in our February 12 edition of the Williamsburg Courier.

Don’t let me down, Greenpointers. I fought hard for this. Albeit while exterminating the more interesting biological experiments from Chez Shitty’s refrigerator. As Rodney Dangerfield once sagely said in the movie that is Caddyshack:

Get laid for Greenpoint!

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Presenting The Williamsburg Stroller Patrol

D (who I presume to the founder of this, north Brooklyn’s newest blog) writes:

Hi Heather,

A fellow mom had sent me your post on tips from the NYPD. I re-posted it. Hope that is okay with you. There has been so many problems with the car services and crimes in the last few weeks that I started the blog in hopes of keeping our moms safe. A nanny was hit by the dog run over by McCarren recently and that was (one) of the last straws. If you could suggest to your readers who live in Brooklyn to email us with any complaints/tips I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

I am neither a mother nor a nanny but this blog does touch upon something I take very seriously: pedestrian safety. I suspect we all, parental units or otherwise, can agree the increased traffic in north Brooklyn can be a nuisance at best, downright deadly at worst. It has been my observation that car services and cabs tend to be the most problematic. In any case, here’s the mission statement of the Williamsburg Stroller Patrol for those who are interested— or simply curious:

We are part of a Brooklyn Mom group who have started this blog in order to be informed on a daily basis if necessary on how to keep our families safe. A number of us have had huge problems with cars not stopping as we have been walking with our babies or young children. After calling the car services and having our concerns treated with rudeness we decided to start this blog. We will report on everything concerning neighborhood safety. What car services are great for us moms, which car services are not and even the car number.They will not receive our service or patronage. Also, we’ll share what streets have had problems with violence. This is a community blog. Please feel free to email us with your post and it will be posted as soon as we receive it. Our goal is for this blog to be about a daily (if necessary) watchdog communication for us mothers.

Any and all tips and/or complaints for the Williamsburg Stroller Patrol should be sent via email to: wbstrollerpatrol (at) gmail (dot) com.

God speed and good luck, Williamsburg mothers. This crazy cat lady in Greenpoint has your back!

Miss Heather

The Calyer Street Bike Bandit Strikes Again!

January 29, 2010 ·
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Remember the reader email I posted on January 25 about a fellow Greenpointer having not one, BUT TWO, bicycles stolen last weekend? Well, it would appear they have struck again. Per my Calyer Street tipster:

i don’t know who’s letting them in, so it has to be delivery something, or someone who works for the landlady.

i am having my brother in law put the new lock in TOMORROW.

First off, I want to tender my sincerest sympathies to my Calyer Street compadre. Knowing that a thief has been in your apartment building is disturbing enough. The fact he (or she, I suppose) had the chutzpah to come back— or worse—- someone else has taken to pillaging on your private property is even worse! While I realize this may be cold comfort to this individual, I want to reiterate that the 94th Precinct is registering bicycles. This service is totally free and will make tracking down your ride much easier in the event (god forbid) it is stolen. You can get the contact information for the woman spearheading this effort by clicking here (look at the second to last paragraph).

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Fail

January 29, 2010 ·
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I heard an interesting bit of neighborhood gossip about this phenomenon. Apparently one of our local car services makes it a practice to shove cardboard into these meters so as to render them inoperative (and avoid having to pay money to park). Given how many “failed” meters I see on Manhattan Avenue between Green and Huron Street on any given week I would not rule this out as being implausible. Is this crass destruction of public property? Yes, absolutely. But out of the realm of possibility? Nope, not by a long shot.

Miss Heather

Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Nihilist’s Delight

January 29, 2010 ·
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From North 4 Street.

Miss Heather

Williamsburg Street Art Du Jour: More Brooklyn Beef

January 29, 2010 ·
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From North 6 Street.

Miss Heather

Conspicuous Consumption: El Gran Sabor

January 29, 2010 ·
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This week was an eventful one for yours truly. In addition to getting props from the Village Voice I met with a local artist regarding redesigning my banner. The latter came to pass at a local watering hole and the Mister, through a series of Keystone copesque machinations, managed to set his hair on fire. You need not worry, dear readers. He is okay. The Mister’s hair will grow back. His dignity, on the other hand, may take longer to restore.  It is the sincerest hope of yours truly that this incident will dissuade him from using Brylcreem once and for all. Whenever I see this stuff in our bathroom I feel like I am living in a retirement home. But I digress. It was otherwise a lovely evening with very nice and talented folk. Methinks something very neat will come out of it. Lastly, there were the preparations to be made for Souper Trivia Night 2. While the goodie bags for “Most Creative/Interesting Answer” were a joy to make— and I hope whoever got the one with a dvd of Goldmember and a brand-spanking new Swingline stapler is pleased with his (or her) haul— the circumstances under which they were made were chaotic to say the least. Suffice it to say it was a busy day at the junk shop.

Long story made short, by yesterday evening I was tired. And hungry. VERY HUNGRY. So was the Mister and a good friend of ours, Dale. We decided to give Sabor, the new pan-Latin restaurant on Greenpoint Avenue a try. All in all we were pleased. More importantly, no one got hurt.

The first thing I noticed is they have expanded their menu (which you can see by clicking here). Just as the chef, Perry, assured me last December more vegetarian fare has been added to the menu. This pleased me tremendously. The Mister and his buddy, however, wanted meat— and lots of it. Which brings me to this.

EL GRAN SABOR: one whole chicken, rice, beans, tostones, salchipapa (french fries with hot dogs) and avocado salad. As you can see this $30.00 culinary tour de force purports to feed four people. In ordinary circumstances it probably would. But these were not ordinary circumstances. I had two big and very hungry hombres to feed. STAT. We ordered placed our order without delay and soon enough, out came the kibble.


Analysis: the dressing was a wee bit sweet for my taste but the ingredients were fresh. Finding good avocados this time of year in New York City is no small feat. It was devoured.


Analysis: I didn’t eat the hot dogs (I am a vegetarian), but the french fries paired with what I presume to be aioli was pretty tasty. Once again, the plate was cleaned. Thoroughly.


Analysis: Obviously I abstained from the chicken as well but am pleased to report it was consumed with much gusto. The rice was very good; the beans were a teensy bit salty for my taste. Still good, though. We did have some of this left over. It was my breakfast this morning. I love rice and beans for breakfast.


Analysis: You probably noticed this in the previous picture. While tasty and very reasonably priced (at $6.00), I barely made a dent in it. Simply too much food! This will probably be my dinner tonight accompanied with…


Analysis: The only other place I have had something like this is La Vuelta in Long Island City. It can best be described in two words: liquid crack. We went through two bowls of this stuff.


Analysis: by the time this came out I was full. My companions endeavored to persevere— and away it went. After a commodious meal like the previous a normal person would call it a night. Not us. We’re animals. We had dessert.


Analysis: I tried all three. The cake was easily the better of the two desserts. Very rich and creamy. The coffee (the Mister’s, which I tasted sparingly— to do otherwise would ensure I’d be up all night) was aromatic and strong.

As I stated previously our overall dining experience was very good. The food was tasty and plentiful and the service very attentive and gracious. If I had to tender any constructive criticism it would be this: I really wished they had sangria. There’s something so perfect about sangria with rice and beans on a cold winter night. Maybe they’ll have it next time? Yes, there will be a next time for yours truly. Sabor has made it onto the rotation for the Chez Shitty household.

Sabor Latino Cuisine
Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 11:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday, 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 a.m.
Delivery: YES!
159 Greenpoint Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

(347) 227-8531

Check it out!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 9:21 p.m.: A fellow Greenpointer I hold in high esteem, rutila, dined at this establishment tonight and was not pleased with her fare. See her comment below.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Very Special Request

As you can probably imagine I receive a number of very interesting requests in my inbox. Methinks this one (which arrived this morning) may very well take the cake. It comes a graduate student no less. He/she writes:

My name is (excised) and I’m a grad student at the Pratt Institute (Environmental Management Systems) enrolled in a “Solid Waste Management” class. Our coursework involves creating a “zero waste” plan for McCarren Park. As an initial step we’re attempting to inventory and classify sources of waste in the park, and one of those sources is of course doggy poo. I’m working with my colleague (excised), who is copied on this email.

We’d like to come up with an estimate how much volume of dog poo we’re dealing with. Do you have any sense of how many “hits” this dog park gets on an average day? Do know someone who might have any helpful stats on this?

Thanks in advance for any info you might be willing to share.

Yes this site was initially premised on the dog shit problem on my community. But— in this is a big but— over the (almost) four years I have operated New York Shitty, its subject matter has expanded tremendously. I rarely feature dog doo on this site anymore (with the occasional exception of charmers like the one gracing the beginning of this post which I recently found on Berry Street. The hearts are a nice touch.). I am simply too busy. What’s more, I have better things to do than count turds. Especially in sub-freezing weather.

Nonetheless, I want to be helpful. I too was a graduate student once. Granted, I never had to aggregate turds— but I sculpted quite a few. A number of them were quite convincing. To this end I have forwarded this person’s request to a few folks I suspect will be in the know. I would also like input from you, my readers. How much dog shit do you think is in McCarren Park on any given day? You can tender your estimate via comments or email at: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. I will forward your responses.

I thank you in advance for your immediate attention to this matter.

Miss Heather

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