Greenpoint Photos du Jour: Franklin Street

Taken November 29, 2011.

Highlight From The Community Board 1 Public Safety Committee Meeting: Pips Presents

All things considered last night’s proceedings were short and sweet. The list of aspiring liquor license holders was (all things being relative) brief and those present were for the most part prepared. I also am pleased to report that the same can be said for the men of the Public Safety Committee. Being the gatekeepers of booze* for both Greenpoint and Williamsburg they have seen and/or heard almost everything in the way of a “novel” eating and drinking establishment applications.

And as of last night I can personally attest that they can add a new one to the list: a ping pong table tennis parlor/art gallery which will serve wine and beer. Yes, you have just read me correctly.

The above photograph was part of “Pips” application.

Naturally good-humored questions about “beer pong” were bandied about. The young men behind this endeavor assured everyone present there will be no such nonsense; Pips is first and foremost an art gallery and ping pong parlor. Questions about the art gallery and ping pong parlor proper were also raised. The applicants stated these two spaces were separate— unless of course an artist wanted to show his/her work in the ping pong parlor. Then they’d make an exception. This made sense.

Thus the application was recommended for approval and provided (of course) their application passes the muster of the Community Board 1 and the State Liquor Authority— and it probably will— Williamsburg, the city of New York and very likely the world will have the very first ping pong table tennis parlor/art gallery legally sanctioned to serve suds. And wine.

Pips Ping Pong Table Tennis Parlor & Art Gallery
Opening Date: TBA
155 Roebling Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

NOTE/CAVEAT: Ping pong and art lovers alike should be advised that Pips was only allotted ten stools— so be prepared to enjoy your libations standing up.

*Note: their decisions are only “advisory”. In other words the State Liquor Authority or a City Councilperson can overturn their decisions with caprice and the stroke of a pen.

New York Shitty Day Starter: Nancy & Irene

Yesterday during a much welcome (if brief) break in the rain I had the honor of stumbling upon not one— but two— of Greenpoint’s most notable citizens on Manhattan Avenue. In front of the McDonald’s no less: an establishment which anyone in the know will tell you serves as the 24/7/365 Algonquin Roundtable for my community. Many opinions, ideas and schemes are exchanged there. Whether or not any of the previous are any good I have no idea. I am blissful in my ignorance.

Thus when I saw these two lass scheming I had to capture it! The more long-term community advocacy savvy among folks you, gentle readers, will recognize the woman at the left. Her name is Irene Klementowicz. Aside from being a bona fide A-#1 Greenpoint badass (my terminology, not hers*) she is also the co-chair of the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee. Shes says she has retired. I have my doubts.

Conversely, many of you probably do not recognize the woman on the right. Her name is Nancy Redman. She too is a Garden Spot “A-lister”. Ms. Redman recently won Best Comedian award at the United Solo Theatre Festival for “Clutter”. Or as she put it to me:

My entire title is CLUTTER: I’m Saving My Life and It’s Killing Me!

I can assure you this sinecure is well deserved. She’s one funny gal. Way to go, Nancy!

*Irene’s take was as follows:

When I was number #1 I didn’t even know it.

I assured Irene she still is!

New York Shitty Day Ender: The American Playground

November 29, 2011 ·
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Taken November 29, 2011.

UPDATE, November 30: It has come to my attention that a great many people likeand have reposted the above image. Thank you! Those of you who have stumbled upon my site and fancy a print of this image (taken by yours truly— in the Garden Spot of the Universe*) can make it happen by clicking here.

New York Shitty Photo du Jour: From North 10 Street With Love

November 29, 2011 ·
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Taken November 29, 2011.

The Word On The Street: The Man

From North 15 Street.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: A Dispatch From Maspeth

November 29, 2011 ·
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As I noted recently, McGuinness Boulevard is no longer the record holder for stolen access covers. This dubious distinction is now held by Maspeth’s Grand Avenue. I spied a whopping thirteen missing covers in a mere half mile stretch. That’s the bad news. Now onto the good news: if the following email forwarded to yours truly via an anonymous tipster is any indication, our friends across the creek are taking this matter quite seriously.

If you see someone plundering your man hole access cover, fellow north Brooklynites, say something! Call 911.

The Poo Corner Project: And Then There Were Two?

As I prognosticated yesterday, today’s “load” was dispatched on India Street. I refrained from annotating it, as the rainfall would render my sidewalk chalk useless. But does today’s dispatch end here? Not by a long-shot, gentle readers. When I rounded the corner onto West Street I doscovered something rather interesting.

It would appear someone has seen fit to voice his/her dissatisfaction with this dog owner’s anti-social behavior. Exactly how this will influence my study/behavioral experiment remains to be seen.

But the sugar plum fairies are taking it all in stride…

UPDATE, 3:41 p.m.: I am pleased as punch to announce my endeavor has not gone unnoticed/appreciated by our friends on the left coast. Click here and see the magic for yourself!

New York Shitty Street Art du Jour: Hyena

November 29, 2011 ·
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Taken November 29, 2011.

Spotted In Williamsburg: Nature

Those of you who are familiar with North 8 Street between Roebling and Havemeyer are undoubtedly familiar with the above item. It is an unused air conditioning fixture. Perhaps “unused ” is a mite bit inaccurate: as you can clearly see in the above photograph this space has since been re-purposed as a trash receptacle. That is until today.

Noticing that something was amiss I went in for a closer look. I’m glad I did!

I have no idea why someone saw fit to create this diorama— but I’m really happy he/she did. Words can barely describe it. Photographs aren’t much better. Those of you who have the opportunity do swing by and give this a look-see for yourself. It’s pretty amazing!

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