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This adoptable pup is not only a real cutie, but he also has an amazing story. I’ll let my friend over at District Dog, Rob Maher, fill you in:

…I wanted to thank you for all for the love that you have graced Jack with over the past few months. When I made the decision to pick up a weak, hungry, emaciated street dog with injuries, I never imagined that his story would touch so many of you. I must admit that his will to overcome his situation and the sheer good fortune that he would make so many friends around the world (in person and over facebook) continue to bring tears to my eyes. He is a special pup — and he has some very special friends.

There are two very important things to remember about Jack’s journey to America. First, he endured a grueling 30+ hour journey, spending most of that time in a cage, sitting at customs warehouses in Mumbai and Newark, NJ and locked into the noisy and dark cargo hold of a 777 aircraft (that for the longest period, nearly 18 hours). Jack had never been in a cage before and certainly had never flown or traveled very far from the streets of Mumbai. When Kristen and her parents picked Jack up at the Continental Airlines cargo center, they found a scared but brave and grateful pup who had patiently waited to be reunited with his foster family.

The second and perhaps most important part of the story to remember is that Jack is still not home and still needs one. We and he desperately need your help to get him there. When he was adopted a few months ago, the couple who offered to take him were very excited by the prospect of a new dog into their home. Of course, getting Jack to the US from India presented a whole host of challenges, including potential trauma to the animal, logistics of the actual transport, and cost of the whole process. In my analysis at the time, I decided that the best thing I could do for Jack would be to send him to the US to his new adoptive parents. Though several friends of mine in India had openly requested that they be allowed to adopt Jack.

To cut a long story short, Jack’s adoptive parents have rejected him. They believe now that because Jack is an alpha dog, he will be unable to co-exist in harmony with another alpha in their household. Though evidence suggests that a puppy’s manifestation of alpha tendencies are altered when they are spayed and neutered and that obedience training can also resolve most lingering issues between alpha dogs, the adoptive family is not inclined to try to make this work.

So what did Jack do wrong? Well, not much. Adjusting into a new home — especially one with existing dogs, can be difficult. Jack co-existed well with the female dog in the house but did not get along with the male one. While many argue that that behavior is temporary and subject to comfort and training of the dog, that is not the interpretation that Jack’s erstwhile adoptive parents have taken.

Here is where I need your help. PLEASE read about Jack and his journey and help get Jack settled into a new and loving home. For all of you who don’t know Jack, he is a nearly six month old mixed-breed puppy from near Bandra (W), Mumbai, India. He loves human interaction, is largely house-trained, and has all of his vaccinations in place. More importantly, Jack is a survivor who will make a loving and protective dog if you allow him to.

We don’t know yet if Jack is good around children, so we would need to figure that portion of his personality. We have been asked why we simply don’t bring him back to India, where several families have offered to adopt him. Simply put, the option remains on the table but given the cost, the trauma, and the energy required, I’m hesitant to pursue it .

Anyone interested in giving this amazing lad a new leash on life (Yeah, it’s a bad pun— sue me) should contact Rob at rob (at) doghabitat (dot) org. Be advised that all potential adoptees will be screened by the staff at Dog Habitat.

Miss Heather


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