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hotelTHUMBThose of you who were keeping an eye on Brownstoner yesterday probably noticed a post entitled “Seedy Greenpoint Hotel Changes Hands“. Yes, it would appear our favorite flophouse has exchanged hands (along with a few “adjoining parcels”). For those of you who are keeping count this is the third time this establishment has changed owners in ten years.

Naturally it didn’t take long for something to find its way to my inbox— and it isn’t pretty. Laura writes:

Hi Heather! According to a neighboring store owner, the Greenpoint Hotel is being taken over by another landlord. According to tenants, it’s posted in the Hotel lobby. They also claim that as tenants leave, the rest are being shifted to one side of the building. Why? When all the tenants are gone, it’s going to be some sort of rehab facility. We really need to find out if that’s true. If so, N. Greenpoint is F&%cked

So let me get this straight: they’re moving the residents of this hotel— a number of whom have substance abuse problems— to one part of the building so as to (presumably) start a rehab facility in the other?  This is diabolically clever. Not only has this property come with a built-in clientele base but if/when this (rumored) rehab facility opens their patients won’t have to go far to get a fix. It’s right across the hall! Genius!!!

If anyone has heard anything that affirms or refutes Laura’s tome please leave them via comments or send ’em to me via email at: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. Thanks!

Miss Heather


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