Tomorrow: Rally Regarding The Greenpoint “Hotel”

July 30, 2013 ·
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From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: DOA on Manhattan Avenue?

I arrived home from this evening’s Public Safety Committee meeting (which, it should be noted handles criminal matters) to find this item (which hails from NYScanner) in my inbox. I have reached out to the head of the 94th Precinct, Deputy Inspector Hurson, in the hope he can shed some light on what happened. It goes without saying that if/when I learn anything, I will post an update here.

UPDATE, March 2, 10:55 a.m.: I have received a clarification from D.I. Hurson! He writes:

I don’t see anything for Greenpoint and Manhattan ave, we did have a DOA last night inside of 1109 Manhattan Ave but we don’t believe it to be suspicious.

For those of you who are not in the know 1109 Manhattan Avenue is the Greenpoint Hotel (hence perhaps a transposition was made?). This is one of our community’s, um, notorious establishments.

Spotted At 1074 Manhattan Avenue: No Blablazo

September 16, 2011 ·
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This morning I was distraught to see that the El Blablazo tree pit, a pre-eminent piece of north ‘Point pride was no more. I asked a gentleman on the premises what gives. He explained to me that individuals from the Greenpoint Hotel and the adjoining 3/4 house had taken patronizing said seating late at night. They were becoming a nuisance (READ: loitering, leaving trash and drug paraphernalia for which the owner of 1074 Manhattan Avenue was fined by the Department of Sanitation) so they had no other choice but to remove it. Follows are a few images from the better days of El Blablazo.

The Beginning

Gearing Up For Christmas

Ready for July 4th


From The New York Shitty Inbox: The 3/4 House at 66 Clay Street To Close?

A person we’ll call “E” writes (in an email entitled “Halfway House Rumors”):

Hi Heather! A neighbor told me, that one of the halfway house residents told him, that the place is closing in 2 weeks. Have you heard anything about this?

As it would happen I bumped into a friend of mine, Philip, (as seen at left) today and he told me the very same thing! Mind you, he did not look as dapper as he does in this photo. Rather, he had his left arm in a sling after having it broken by a resident of said three quarter house. He told me that life at the “Hotel” is the worst he has ever experienced. When one takes into consideration that Philip has resided at 1109 Manhattan Avenue on and off again for a number of years this is really saying something. Among other things he told me today:

1. He recently had to throw out all his clothing and bedding due to an ongoing (and I’m surmising: untreated) bedbug infestation.

2. There has basically been an ongoing “war” between Hotel residents and those of the three quarter house for some time.

That’s all I know, gentle readers. If you have anything to add please do so via comments or email at missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. Your identity will remain anonymous if you so desire.


Miss Heather

P.S.: On a related note I have also received a rather fascinating comment (regarding this post) from someone claiming to have once worked at the Greenpoint Hotel recently:

I was a former employee of Jay Deutchman at Greenpoint Hotel. I was hired in June ’11 as Fire Safety Director. It is the absolute worst building I have ever worked in. It is a danger to its residents and the community. The Fire Alarm system is not connected to a central station, as the phone lines are out. There are no sprinkler heads. There are no “smoke heads”(smoke detectors wired directly to the alarm panel, which are supposed to sent a signal to the central station). 100 men share 4 bathrooms, the stench of human feces is unbearable. It is loaded with lice, vermin, rodents. The first week I was there, I was paid. The second week, I was not. I quit soon after, and am still owed two weeks pay by Jay Deutchman. Contrary to his statements in his interview with you, he does not have 8 “safety directors”, he had at most three when I was there, myself being one. I have been a licensed Fire Safety Director for 18 years, and this is the worst firetrap I have ever seen. This is a disaster waiting to happen.



Spotted At The Greenpoint Gazette: WTF?!?

May 27, 2011 ·
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I know July 4th is some ways off but I damned near shot coffee out of my nose when I saw this. I mean, who in their right mind would throw a child-centric event on the same block as a 3/4 house for recovering drug addicts and the infamous Greenpoint Hotel (which, when combined, house no less than six registered sex offenders— including a few whose crimes were against minors). Well it would appear somebody thought this was a sterling concept. I really, truly hope this is a mistake on the Gazette’s part.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Fan Mail!

March 29, 2011 ·
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As a general rule I refrain from posting emails I receive from fans. However, in this case I am going to make an exception as one of Greenpoint’s most hallowed institutions is mentioned. Yes, I am talking about none other than the Greenpoint Hotel. Enjoy!

Dear Miss Heather,

I rarely (re: never) contribute to internet “comment” boards; however, as a native New Yorker (born and raised first 30 years of my life) I feel I would be remiss if I did not inform you of the great joy I have reading your Greenpoint blog. I stumbled upon your lovely online endeavor a few weeks ago, casually searching for information on the current status of the Greenpoint Hotel, of which I have many unusual memories, as my cousin lived there for a year and a half about 20 years ago (when he was first discharged from the Navy and refused to move back in with his parents in The Bronx.) I visited him frequently at the Greenpoint (or more accurately: I would go inside just long enough to knock on his door, and then we would go someplace ELSE to hang out.) My cousin eventually had to move out of the Greenpoint when, upon returning from his job at Blockbuster Video one fine fall evening, he found that the room five floors above him had caught on fire, and five stories of flaming junk had tunneled straight down onto his bed through the ceiling. Curiously, the fire caused no other structural damage to the hotel, which was a great oddity of engineering, physics and combustion, according to the many firemen on site.

Your portraits of the fine Greenpoint townfolk have a stark, unusual clarity and affectionate beauty; and your High-larious narrative describes, in my opinion, an accurate representation of what I humbly consider “real side of New York”, the side of NYC that tourists rarely seek on purpose.  I’ve lived in California 10 years now, and checking up on your blog brings me right back home, reminding me of all the cringe-worthy quirks and customs in NY I grew up with and hold dear to my heart.  Kudos to you, Texas gal!


PS – My former-Greenpoint Hotel-dwelling cousin currently lives in Las Vegas, where he owns a lovely three bedroom home with his wife of 12 years and their 6 year old daughter; he credits the Greenpoint Hotel for “inspiration to live right”. Perhaps the Greenpoint Hotel does serve some kind of higher divine purpose, unseen by the uninitiated?  The mind reels.

Thanks for the kind words, CSC! You know, I had never thought about it but you might be right: the Greenpoint Hotel may, in fact, serve a higher purpose in the universe. Not that I care to find out personally, mind you!

UPDATE, March 30, 2011: I have received a follow-up email from CSC with more data! He/she writes:

Some interesting points my cousin told me yesterday about the Greenpoint Hotel fire, to salve your Nancy Drew-like curiosity:

1. The fire happened on either October 12, 1990 or October 17th, 1990. My cousin says he can check his journals for the specific date if exact references are requested by qualified superiors. All he can remember offhand is that it was payday at Blockbuster. (Frankly, I am surprised my cousin even kept “journals”.)
2. The fire was started on the top floor by an unattended electronic hot plate, a common material possession at the hotel, as the rooms had neither kitchens nor bathrooms.  Just beds. (Thin mattress, and intentionally squeaky bedsprings on a rusty frame. Of course, this was twenty years ago, perhaps things have changed. I write that without a touch of irony or sarcasm.)
3. There are only FOUR floors in the Greenpoint, not five as I had mistakenly thought; the “fifth” floor is technically the roof, which caved in as the fire burned its way straight downward like space alien acid. Coincidentally, there had been a wrought iron city garbage can on the roof placed in the exact spot where it caved, which is why it was lodged like a cherry on top of the cake of steaming, waterlogged Greenpoint possessions in my cousin’s 1st floor room.
4. The fire’s downward path was so precise that if you stood in the hallway, you could not see any fire damage. Only once you opened the room door, then you saw the destruction, and if you looked up, you could see the narrow fire-tunnel through five ceilings all the way up the blue sky, like when cartoon characters run through walls in Bugs Bunny cartoons.
5. My cousin took actual photographs of the damage, but inexplicably refuses to show them to anyone. My guess why: the photos show his fire-burned piles of audio cassettes revealing his affinity for Bronksi Beat and Milli Vanilli. It was 1990, man, we understand.
6. Finally, my cousin also reminded me that his father originally coined the phrase “New York Shitty” seventeen years ago, which you, Miss Heather, have clearly usurped via long-range telepathy.

I would have posted these fun facts on the comments board but the button wouldn’t click for me.

Miss Heather

Notes From The 94th Precinct Community Council Meeting

Last night’s meeting was the most subdued— and brief— yours truly has ever beheld. Not even Phyllis had a word to say. This is a shame as I always enjoy hearing her take on what’s going on in our community. However, there were items of interest. To new a few:

  • D.I. Hudson did not have much to say about the Monitor Street shooting (as it is under investigation) but he did state that the victim (who is not expected to live) was acquainted with the shooter in some capacity. In other words: this was not a random incident.
  • The 94th Precinct has been allotted ten new officers.
  • Some interesting facts about truck traffic arose.
  • Steve Levin talks about the “three-quarter house” at the former Greenpoint Hotel and notes that the next Community Town Hall regarding the proposed homeless intake center at 400 McGuinness Boulevard is tentatively scheduled to take place the first week in February. It is his hope to have a representatives of HELP USA and the Department of Homeless Services present— so mark your calendars!
  • A number of attendees present were under the impression the former Greenpoint Hospital complex was no longer being employed as shelter space for homeless people. I personally dispelled them of this erroneous notion, as you will see/hear.

Without further ado here is the footage. Do take a moment to watch it— especially the segments when Mr. Levin speaks (the third and fourth videos).

NOTE: next month’s meeting of the Community Council will come to pass February 21st at 7:30 p.m.* It will be conducted in the basement of the Peter J. McGuinness Seniors Center (715 Leonard Street).

UPDATE, January 19, 2011: I have received word that the victim of the shooting at 211 Monitor Street has died. My sincerest condolences go out to his family and loved ones.

Miss Heather

*Right, Tom?

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Season’s Greetings From The Greenpoint Hotel!

Laura (who took the above photograph December 31st) writes:

Well, the Greenpoint Hotel is already starting to ring in the new year.


Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: The End Of An Era?

September 22, 2009 ·
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Champ writes:

Just noticed the “Hotel” sign is gone and there’s a fresh coat of paint on the front. Heard anything? Up for sale or perhaps just renovating? Hoping for the former!!

For those of you who are unaware, the Greenpoint Hotel recently exchanged hands. The word on the street is it will be converted into a rehab facility. Lucky us.


The Greenpoint Hotel is dead!


Long live the Greenpoint Hotel!

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Happenings At The Greenpoint Hotel

September 19, 2009 ·
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hotelTHUMBThose of you who were keeping an eye on Brownstoner yesterday probably noticed a post entitled “Seedy Greenpoint Hotel Changes Hands“. Yes, it would appear our favorite flophouse has exchanged hands (along with a few “adjoining parcels”). For those of you who are keeping count this is the third time this establishment has changed owners in ten years.

Naturally it didn’t take long for something to find its way to my inbox— and it isn’t pretty. Laura writes:

Hi Heather! According to a neighboring store owner, the Greenpoint Hotel is being taken over by another landlord. According to tenants, it’s posted in the Hotel lobby. They also claim that as tenants leave, the rest are being shifted to one side of the building. Why? When all the tenants are gone, it’s going to be some sort of rehab facility. We really need to find out if that’s true. If so, N. Greenpoint is F&%cked

So let me get this straight: they’re moving the residents of this hotel— a number of whom have substance abuse problems— to one part of the building so as to (presumably) start a rehab facility in the other?  This is diabolically clever. Not only has this property come with a built-in clientele base but if/when this (rumored) rehab facility opens their patients won’t have to go far to get a fix. It’s right across the hall! Genius!!!

If anyone has heard anything that affirms or refutes Laura’s tome please leave them via comments or send ’em to me via email at: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. Thanks!

Miss Heather

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