LAST GASP: The Many Poses Of Ellie The Cat

I have long intended to write a post dedicated to Ellie, the winsome and very comely tabby who presides over the Polish American Bookstore. Since I have the time, wherewithal and bandwith to spare, I’ll do so here and now.

Last night as my husband, brother in law and I were headed to the Beaner Bar’s One Year Anniversary Fiesta* we— all being crazy cat people— paused in front of 648 Manhattan Avenue. Ellie was in the window. And being the exhibitionistic little minx she is; she noted our attention and gave us a show. Albeit with a hefty measure of coy indifference. Ellie IS a cat after all!


Kitty yoga. This must feel good because Ellie did it several times.


After a good workout it’s always wise to take a bath.


Ellie is very…






Although I love all furry critters— big and small— this is why I personally prefer cats over dogs**: cats don’t give a damn. Ellie knows she has an audience and she has decided said audience needs to watch her clean her pits.


Then she got bored with us and the owner of the store came out to close shop.

Me: She’s absolutely adorable. What’s her name again?
Owner: Ellie.
Me: You should leave a tip bucket out for her.
Owner: I’ve been considering leaving a sign in the window stating that people can come in and pet her for $5.00 a rub.

For those of you who are not in the know, the Polish American Bookstore has wonderful postcards (from Greenpoint, Nowy York!) and t-shirts (I <3 Greenpoint, among others). Most importantly it is the home of Ellie the cat. Why not swing by and give her a scratch or belly rub? Be advised certain fees may apply— so have your Lincolns handy!

Polish American Bookstore
648 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

Miss Heather

*Which did not disappoint. It was GREAT!

**Although both can lick their balls. I am convinced this is why our four-legged friends seem to be much happier than their human counterparts. And why humans are more productive, if less happy; one half of our species has nothing better to do.


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