Reader Question/Contribution Du Jour: A Wreck On Dupont?

November 23, 2009 by
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Margot writes (in an email entitled “very scary looking smashup on Dupont”):

right now between manh. and mcguin. lots of uniforms, firetrucks, and one absolutely demolished looking car. i dont know how fast youd have to be going to end up looking like that. no idea what happened or whom it  happened to. sorry, no photos.


Well, as it would happen my buddy Laura (who took all photographs gracing this post) was on the scene and has the scoop.


And what a scoop it is.


She writes:

…I’m sorry that these are not the clearest pictures. I’m still getting used to the camera settings. I also didn’t reset the time on the photo. These photos were taken more like 4:35  and on. At 4:30 there were a few large crashes that rumbled the building so much that I felt it on the fifth floor. I heard that the vehicle got stuck in reverse from the second parking spot on the block, onto the sidewalk and past a few buildings. Thank God, few people were out front and were able to get out of the way. There’s usually loads of people hanging out there. Apparently, the vehicle first banged that grey car which banged the yellow car… As you can see the vehicle ended up on the stoop a few doors down. It took police over a half hour to respond. They wouldn’t even bother looking under the vehicle to see if there was anyone under it. A neighbor from the building got a flashlight and looked. Folks were worried and making sure everyone was accounted for. The vehicle took out the wrought iron recycling fence in front of my building. After many, many phone calls from many people, the fire department also arrived at 5:18.
They’re still working downstairs.


Jesus Christ.

Miss Heather


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