New York Shitty Video Du Jour: Meeting Nemo & More About The Huron Street Kittens

As I mentioned last week, a couple of my favorite north Brooklyn cat ladies (including the woman who is taking care of the Huron Street kittens) conducted an adoption event at Muddy Paws yesterday. I made it clear I planned to swing by. My purpose for doing so was twofold:

  1. The get the latest news on the Huron Street kittens
  2. To meet Nemo

I am pleased to report that the Huron Street Kittens are faring well! Lisa is still treating their eye infections (which is understandable) but they are eating on their own and, despite their humble and less than auspicious entrance in this world, are proving to be gourmands. They are thumbing their respective and very cute noses at dry food (which is less expensive), but are consuming wet food with gusto. Lisa also told me that after initially being leery of human contact (can you blame them?) they are learning to trust her. I for one think this is a terrific development. When the time and opportunity affords Lisa has promised me more pictures of these little ones. You can rest assured I will post them on New York Shitty.

As for point #2: yesterday afternoon I— at long last— made the acquaintance of another Greenpoint cutie. Nemo.

This winsome (and very inquisitive) guy hails from Russell Street and for reasons that are unclear became separated from his mother and litter mates at the tender age of one week. That is when he found his way into Lisa’s care. He has proven to be quite the early-adopter: not only is he eating wet food at four weeks but is also a stone cold killer. At least inasmuch as a two pound kitten can be as you will see. Enjoy!

Anyone interested in giving this amazing little guy a home should contact his foster/bottle mom Lisa at: lisavallez (at) gmail (dot) com. NOTE/CAVEAT: there is an adoption fee and application process. Landlord approval is mandatory.

Miss Heather

P.S.: As for the identity of the good Samaritan who stepped forward and took the Huron Street kittens home. I met her last week. She is a truly amazing woman— could you possibly expect anything less? Her are a few facts about her:

  1. She was born and raised in San Francisco.
  2. She has lived in Greenpoint for one month (who says all noobs don’t care!). Prior to that she lived in Harlem.
  3. She likes Sidecars and Old Fashioneds. This impressed the Mister TREMENDOUSLY.
  4. She is a dancer who has worked in performance pieces by the renowned artist Mike Kelley.
  5. She is a yoga teacher at Greenpoint’s very own Good Yoga.
  6. She recently had a birthday.

The latter most became the object of some suspicion to her manager when she failed to arrive to work on time that fateful day. Her boss lady, Flannery, writes:

…She was on her way to teach a 7 am meditation class when I received a text telling me she was going to be late because she found some kittens in the road.

I’m embarrassed to say that it did occur to me that perhaps she was just running late and feeding me a line that she thought I might swallow with greater ease than “I’m late because I overslept after my birthday weekend bacchanal,” but either way I didn’t mind. No harm, no foul. We’ve all been there. But when she came to class and told us the story of kitten saving, and later that night at her dance class when she told us about the loss of one of the kittens, it was clear that she really was the right girl in the right place and the right time.

We hear about people’s misdeeds so often, that I hope you might take a moment to highlight her beautiful act…

Done! Without further ado here is our mystery woman. If any of you happen see her during your Greenpoint ramblings, dear readers, please welcome Sarita to the neighborhood. She’s a keeper!


2 Comments on New York Shitty Video Du Jour: Meeting Nemo & More About The Huron Street Kittens

  1. ms nomer on Mon, 19th Apr 2010 5:18 pm
  2. too… much… cuteness… can’t… BREATHE!

  3. jake_tuff on Tue, 20th Apr 2010 2:26 pm
  4. looks like a great lil’ mouser, now i just need a barn for him to practice his craft in

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