Reader Contribution Du Jour: The McCarren Park Tree Twat, Revisited

This find hails from (where else?) Bedford Avenue and North 12 Street and comes courtesy of Alex who writes:

See the attached photo for something I spotted in McCarren park this past Saturday.  Someone saw fit to adorn the park’s vaginal tree with a piercing… classy.

Where’s Larry Flynt when you need him?

Miss Heather

UPDATE, August 30, 2010: It has come to my attention that this piece has been linked to by AOL. This is a New York Shitty first! In this tome (which you can read here) the author— for reasons only known to him— saw fit to get a quote from Gersh Kuntzman of the Brooklyn Paper. Why, I do not know. Mr. Kuntzman is a lot of things, but an expert on north Brooklyn is not one of them. What’s more he has a nasty habit of lifting content from blogs— mine among them. In some circles this is considered plagiarism. Suffice it to say I am not a fan of Mr. Kuntzman.

With the previous disclosure I present to you what he had to say about the above item (and vagina trees in general):

I think I speak for all Brooklynites who love vaginas — and I’m speaking for a lot of people, so I understand the gravitas — when I say that the only place to truly enjoy a vulva of any kind is in McCarren Park.

Given that this gent has seen fit to videotape himself molesting a multimillion dollar apartment and that I was in McCarren Park just yesterday this, well, makes me more than a little nervous. Methinks I’ll be patronizing Gantry State Park in Queens moving forward. I would advise you, dear readers, to follow suit: the sticky stuff on our foliage might not be sap!


2 Comments on Reader Contribution Du Jour: The McCarren Park Tree Twat, Revisited

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