Urban Fur: Larry Gets An Apprentice…

(and he’s none too happy about it)

Despite the fact he has recently been divested of his “manhood”, spends most of the day sleeping (which I envy) and is spoon fed by his “mom”, Neer, Larry has achieved a certain reputation in the neighborhood. That being the local “bad ass”. You see, when not sleeping, eating or overseeing the fruit stand out front Larry likes to patrol his domain. The word on the street is he will put both cats and dogs in their place. Larry, it would seem, is an equal opportunity bully.

So naturally when this jackass urged his pug to make the acquaintance of Larry (presumably because he thought a dog would scare a cat and that would be funny) I took interest. The pup did his master’s bidding. Larry fixed him with a stare and held his ground. The pup quickly retreated. So it goes in the furban jungle of Greenpoint.

What has led to Larry’s recent protectiveness of his “territory”, you ask? Perhaps the reason lies at home?

For reasons unclear this little one found his way to Larry’s place of employment/enjoyment.

AJ, as I will call him (I checked— yeah, I’m a pussy perv), is damned cute…

and immensely curious about his new surroundings.

What the future holds for AJ has yet to be determined— but I suspect it will involve a vet visit and neutering when he is old enough. In the meantime don’t mess with Larry. As a new “dad” he has a lot on his mind right now.

Miss Heather


One Comment on Urban Fur: Larry Gets An Apprentice…

  1. genienyc on Sun, 27th Jun 2010 7:57 am
  2. Do you know how old is Larry? AJ is adorable (for now :)) and am glad that Larry can pass on his street smart to a new bad-ass in the making.

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