Urban Fur: New Arrival At The 99 Cent Store

This weekend the Mister and I found a most unusual item in front of this yours trulys  favorite 99 Cent Store.

This little lass. Concerned, I brought her inside the store and asked if she happened to be under their employ. The look on the cashier’s face said it all: a most definite yes. After explaining I found her outside, I inquired as to what this, Greenpoint’s newest shop cat, name was. Her answer was as follows:


You realize this cat is a female?

I replied. To wit the cashier told me she was quite aware of this and explained she had initially given this cat a Chinese name— but a customer pointed out that folks hereabouts would have trouble pronouncing it. This person, in turn, said this cat’s name should be Philip— and it stuck.

You need to get more with the times.

A customer, an older gentleman, chimed in.

“You’re right”, I replied, “it is the 21st century after all”.

Oh yeah, my name is Mary.

He added. So there have you.

Miss Heather


2 Comments on Urban Fur: New Arrival At The 99 Cent Store

  1. d on Mon, 13th Dec 2010 9:58 am
  2. I met her on Saturday night, she was outside and ran under a minivan. I was looking for her, concerned, when an employee ran out to find her. I also was told the names by the cashier and they seemed to be keeping a more diligent eye on her to prevent her from running out again.

  3. neer on Tue, 14th Dec 2010 10:17 pm
  4. hi Heather ,how is everything out there? sorry, write you this late but today just now, i come to know our larry is missing since Friday and is not returning after went out side at midnight and i don’t know what to do .so, I’m writing to you .I hope he is loved now and is happy .If you find out anything about larry please let me know too .missing you all and greenpoint .

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