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If there is one thing working at the junk shop— and interfacing with one customer in particular*— has taught yours truly it is this: when confronted about one’s, um, proclivities don’t be apologetic. Be loud and proud! Which brings me to the above array of items. They can be found in the window of our local novelty store: Just For Fun. After I took the above photograph I heard a familiar voice.


He said. I turned to my right and sure enough, I knew this person. He is rather active in our community. I have bantered with him on occasion. Without missing a beat I looked him in the eye; pointed at the candy jock strap and said:

Valentine’s Day is coming.

His reply was as follows:

I’m on the Public Safety Committee. I cannot comment.

Me: As it would happen I am heading to your establishment to buy some juice!

He seemed both pleased and puzzled by this by this proclamation— but proceeded to enter Just For Fun nonetheless. For what reason(s) is anyone’s guess. God help me but I think I actually made the man blush.

UPDATE, 5:40 p.m.: I have finally heard back from the Mister about this!

I think I made him feel dirty.

I said.

To wit the Mister replied:

Now he knows how I feel every day.

Then I reminded the Mister he is one lucky man— and to buy beer on the way home from work.

Miss Heather

P.S.: On a somewhat related note (and after giving Norman Oder’s tome in today’s Times some consideration) I think I have an idea as to how our local community board can raise a little money. I propose they create and sell a “Men & Women of Community Board 1” calendar. Is anyone with me on this?

*about whom I will write about in the second and final installment of “Stupid Customer Tricks“. I do intend to conclude this tome. I have simply been sidetracked by a fit of downright divine artistic inspiration. More about the latter later. Here it is!


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