New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: The Word On The Street

The Bowery NYS

Taken September 25, 2015.

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: The Word On The Street

McGuinness Boulevard June 4 2015 nys

As spotted today, June 4th, on McGuinness Boulevard. While I am on the subject of dissent I would like to share with you, gentle readers, my latest snow globe project! While not yet complete I think you will agree it is quite wonderful.

DNAinfo Screencap1It was recently brought to my attention that our Mayor had a press event at Rockaway’s brand-spanking new boardwalk. This is in and of itself not interesting. Rather, what is that he/his created a “Free Speech Zone”. This was well removed from said “event” and therein any/all protesters were “free” to exercise their First Amendment rights.

Well, I have a problem with this kind of thing and, more importantly, the NYCLU and New York Press Club did as well. (You can read’s article by clicking the image to the left or by clicking here.) I am not an attorney. I do not portray one on television. However, I do not think I am incorrect when I write that by creating a “Free Speech Zone” there is an implied message that everywhere else is not a “Free Speech Zone”. The First Amendment is pretty straight-forward. So much so even a “snow globe artist” can grasp it. So…

last weekend I embarked upon a “Free Speech Zone” snow globe. Today I sealed it. Tomorrow, hopefully I will fill (READ: finish) it.

Sealed Side one NYS

Side one is pretty straight forward: referencing a photo taken of Mayor DeBlasio’s press event, I replicated it.

Sealed side two nys

Side two is the “Free Speech Zone”. For logistical reasons I had to employ a metaphorical brick wall.

DNAinfo crime and mayhem nys

Some of you may recall that Ron Kuby (Yes, THAT Ron Kuby) purchased a “Stop & Frisk” snow globe from yours truly some time ago. Well, a mutual friend brought my latest project to his attention. And Mr. Kuby brought the above article (wherein he is quoted) to my attention. Note the category under which has categorized this tome. “Crime & Mayhem”. I have to say the gentlemen featured (and I encourage each and every one of you to read their profiles) do not strike me as being purveyors of “mayhem”— but what do I know?

In closing I will leave you with this (closing) passage from the above-mentioned article.

Lawyer and radio host Ron Kuby said it’s hypocritical of the mayor to crack down on protests considering his crticisms (sic and emphasis mine — Ed. Note) of former Mayor Bloomberg.

“To come into office riding this wave of disapproval at Bloomberg over policing and contempt for dissidence, to be on the crest of that wave that says ‘no more,’ and [then] to banish a couple of people … it’s unconstitutional, it’s bad policy, it’s stupid,” Kuby said. “And it makes the mayor look very very thin skinned.”

He added that public spaces in the city are, by nature, open for free speech.

“We are all free speech zones in NYC,” Kuby said. “I am a free speech zone and so are you.”


Those who are interested in seeing the photo set I have created documenting the creation of the “Free Speech Zone” snow globe can do so by clicking here.

From The New York Shitty Photo Pool: Hizzoner

November 1, 2014 ·
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As taken by Diane Greene Lent. I wonder who paid for the costumes? Anyone?

The Latest From The Snow Globe Factory: Let Them Eat Tear Gas

August 26, 2014 ·
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Let’s face facts: although the summer in our fair city has been a lovely one weather-wise, I would not exactly call it a good one. The death of Eric Garner ushered in a series of “incidents” involving our “finest” which— and this is being kind— are appalling. Incidents which beg the question as to exactly who our public servants are indeed protecting and serving. It certainly was not Mr. Garner.

It is not my intent to simply blame the police, mind you. They follow orders. No sir: the blame, ultimately should be laid firmly on the doorstep of those who issue those orders. I do not think I need to name them here.

I have been wrestling with how to depict the goings on here via snow globes for months. Then Ferguson happened.


This is when I was reminded that this is not a mere New York City issue. It is a national issue. One which is fueled by institutionalized racism, classism, the militarization of our police force* and suppression of or (even worse) complicity of the press to name a few. Simply put: what happened there can and probably does happen here. We simply do not know about it— or prefer to forget about it. Ferguson, I suspect, has changed this.

Thus I opted instead to do a snow globe about Ferguson. Its “official” title is “Salus populi suprema lex esto”. This is the motto for the state of Missouri. It means:

The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law

I suspect a number of people will agree with me when I write that powers that be in Missouri need to be reminded of this rather apt piece of trivia. And sadly trivia is all it is. They do not seem to be comprehending much less following it.

Without further ado here it is. It pretty much speaks for itself.




Don’t shoot.

Police man grappling with photographer

Policeman grappling with a photographer.

man down

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.

George Orwell, 1984

News From The Snow Globe Factory: VANDALISM!

June 30, 2014 ·
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Or: Behind every great fortune lies a great crime.

The last few days have been spent sealing snow globes, cleaning and organizing. When I left one snow globe unattended today— in the privacy of my own home— the unthinkable happened.

liberty NYS

It. Was. Vandalized. ONCE AGAIN: VANDALIZED!

We all know that graffiti is a problem in Greenpoint— but with HO scale people? This not only besmirched New York City’s name, but my fair community’s as well.  The Greenpoint Gazette has made this quite clear.  I certainly hope this was not captured on Google street view! I, as a citizen, will not stand for this shit.

BP aaron short BS

So I took a page from Tony Argento’s book and offered a bounty to my fellow citizens so as to apprehend the miscreant responsible. With a twist— and on a much more modest, pragmatic level.

If there’s one thing I have come to understand about “The Argentos” it is this; they are quite “generous” with campaign donations and local charitable organizations. I call this “spreading the fertilizer”. It makes the land “fertile” for whatever BS they plan to do— or have already done. CASE IN POINT:



NYC BIS page 5


NYC BIS page 6

NYC BIS page 7


But I do not have these kind of resources. So I asked myself:

What creature acts most like a politician/opportunist? Someone willing to say or do anything for the end result— moral scruples be damned— and CHEAP?


It did not take me long to figure it out: Katz CATS!

  • First I stole a dollar from the Mister’s wallet.
  • Secondly, I “infused” my ill-gotten gains with catnip.
  • Thirdly, so as to kick things off, I placed a little— LITTLE— catnip on the floor. Just enough for a taste. I was playing “benefactor”.

Sure enough, they fought over it.

Then I asked my question and waved a catnip-infused dollar.

This is how “politics” works in Greenpoint (and New York City). You can be a slumlord, operate an illegal waste trade business, get busted for it; owe the Internal Revenue Service over a half a million dollars in tax liens and owe $30,000 in fines to the Department of Buildings on one building alone— but as long as you donate “generously”, you will be a pillar of the community and your complaint about someone vandalizing your property to the extent of $8,000 whole dollars— will be taken seriously. Let’s take the following 94th Precinct Community Council meeting which came to pass in April 2013.

Even if you say “SB”. (Instead of BS— The following video is even better!)

wheres levin NYSNote: the Business Integrity Commission decision of which I included passages was issued the very next month! One has to admire that kind of bald-faced hypocrisy. Which brings me back to the video gracing the beginning of this post. It was shot on August 23, 2012. So, as Mr. Levin was extolling upon what great corporate citizens Gina and Tony are, they were busy operating an illegal waste trade business. In Greenpoint. Among other things. Do the math— and please read this. It is always refreshing  to see a City Councilman allocating money outside his own district. When one receives the largess of the Argentos, it comes with strings attached…

Intermediary Search Result GINA ARGENTO 1


strawe donorss page 2

But as you see below, gentle readers, it was money well spent!


Update, July 1st 2014: Oh, how could I forget something a reporter from Crains recently brought to my attention!?!



P.S.: No animals were hurt during the filming of these videos. They just got really, seriously, stoned on catnip.

*Monica Holowacz is either an Office Assistant or owner of this company. Either way, I find it very, VERY difficult to believe she had the funds to make a $4,000 donation to Mr. DeBlasio’s campaign. This of course begs the question as to where this money really came from. Anyone?

From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part II: From The Citizens Committee For New York City

Right now there are many New Yorkers who could use a helping hand— and plenty of good Samaritans who would like to do just that: help their neighbors in their time of need. For these reasons I was absolutely delighted to receive the above missive from the Citizens Committee for New York City this afternoon! Those of you who have questions (or simply want more information) can/should contact Emi at the above-listed email address. Otherwise, here you go:


From The Community Board 1 Meeting: More Ado About 400 McGuinness Boulevard

March 8, 2011 ·
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I knew something was afoot when I noticed a (charming) retinue of McGuinness Boulevard old timers in the back of the room when I arrived at tonight’s board meeting. Sure enough, I was right: they had learned the owner of 400 McGuinness Boulevard sold the property and were understandably concerned. Per a cursory search on ACRIS, this would appear to be true.

Here is what I have learned from someone in the know: this property was sold to one Shimmie Horn. He has bought out the remaining tenants for a $100,000 a pop and they have since moved out. If the name “Horn” sounds familiar to those of you who have read the Village Voice over the years, it should: he is the son of one Morris Horn. After his father’s passing Shimmie inherited a number of his father’s holdings, among them Correction Services Corporation. Here’s some information about this organization I found from a site called New York Hall of Shame*:

The state’s Lobbying Commission fined a private prison company a record $300,000 today for failing to  report free transportation, meals and other gifts it had given to legislators in an effort to keep millions of dollars in state  contracts.  Reams of documents and depositions released by the commission as it announced the fine today painted a picture of a company,  Correctional Services Corporation, that did everything it could to curry favor with more than a dozen elected officials in Brooklyn and the Bronx as it won contracts to provide services to recently released prisoners. The $300,000 fine is the largest that the state has ever imposed on a single company for breaking its lobbying laws…

That’s right folks: now we’re looking at a halfway house for released Federal convicts. For those of you who are keeping track this would mean one halfway house, one three quarter house and the Greenpoint Hotel all in one city block . Never a dull moment in Greenpoint…

Miss Heather

P.S.: This matter has been brought to the attention of our city’s Public Advocate, Bill DeBlasio, by our Community Board’s Public Safety Chair Mieszko Kalita. Mr. DeBlasio said he would look into it. Otherwise I have some footage from last night’s rather lengthy meeting. It is currently uploading.

*Do give this material a read. Apparently Mario Cuomo received money from Correction Services Corporation. Among MANY other New York “public servants”.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

May 22, 2009 ·
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(For hypocrisy!)

Ever since David Yassky (and his mother) decided his incompetence should be taken to a higher level, e.g.; New York City Comptroller my inbox has been teeming with missives from his minions about his many good deeds. Usually I ignore them bit this one is such a pisser I can’t resist posting it.


It goes on to say:

The priority of the Brooklyn Heights Association has been preservation of the low scale context of the Brooklyn Bridge and the best site for a new Middle School for the district. The current proposal, as well as the subsequent recommendation from the Department of City Planning, does not adequately reduce the size of the project to a scale that maintains the character of the immediate context or the integrity of the bridge itself,” said Tom van den Bout, President of the Brooklyn Heights Association. “An equally important, yet separate issue is whether the proposed building offers the most appropriate place for a much needed middle school. It is deeply troubling that the site selection process, and subsequent negotiation with the developer, has been so completely opaque. We seriously question whether a more appropriate site, offering a larger size and a more central location is not available.

Once again:

No other civilized country would permit this type of development to encroach upon and dominate its most sacred landmarks, whether we are talking about the Taj Mahal, the Eiffel Tower, or St. Paul’s Cathedral. If this project is approved, future generations will wonder at the shortsightedness of our political leaders, who approved a parking garage and retail spaces within one hundred feet of the American equivalent of the Eiffel Tower.


Yet— Councilman David Yassky— the defender of Brooklyn’s history— had no qualms about cock-blocking the land marking of this Cass Gilbert building, AKA: 184 Kent Street. Probably because the developer/Wolf Block/Kenny Fisher paid him off. Via Gotham Gazette:

Council member David Yassky, who represents the district where the building is located, led the fight to overturn the commission’s decision.

“This is simply not worthy of landmarking,” said Yassky.

Recently, Yassky helped broker a deal for the developer to give $335,000 to build affordable housing in the area in return for permission to alter the Austin Nichols building.

“I believe that the future of the waterfront is in residential development, and that is what we should be promoting,” he said.

Yassky was able to convince most of his colleagues, including Simcha Felder, who chairs the council’s landmarks committee, to support him.

“This is a piece of trash,” said Felder. “We should knock it down and put something nice up.”

So as to build something “nice” like this, perhaps? Or do only the more affluent neighborhoods in your gerrymandered district deserve protection? As a resident of north Brooklyn I wonder at your “short-sightedness” every day Mr. Yassky.

You met with Bob Guskind (deceased) last December. The 16th if my memory serves me correctly. This meeting was at your behest. As a close friend of Bob’s I can tell you he had trepidations about it. He said it would be much harder to “riff” on you if he met you in person, e.g.; you’d come off as a nice reasonable guy, etc. He was a “softie” that way. And as his friend (he recounted your conversation to me)  I can say you succeeded. Somewhat. He said you came off “politician”. You made all the reasonable arguments. And then some.

Among the “concerns” you raised which he agreed with were derelict and abandoned properties. You laid blame on the MTA and the “city” for lack of planning. Simply put, you “kicked the can”.  That’s easy to do when you don’t have to look at the following everyday. So much “trash” and lives trampled under foot by your vision of “progress”.

You are responsible, Dave.  As the ostensible chair of  the Newtown Creek Monitoring Committee you don’t show up much; you send your “community liaison”, Rami Metal, instead. Rami has started NBPac to get the artists engaged in their own eradication. You are ephemerally fighting for Newtown Creek and yet are against Superfunding Gowanus? Perhaps all the previous are why you are shilling for a to have “illegal” gates torn down and have effectively co-opted parks groups in north Brooklyn in partnership with OSA? And have licked Vito Lopez’s devil’s onion ring? You’ll do anything to get elected, David. You have no principles. Robert Guskind made this all too clear to me.

I didn’t go to the Brooklyn Blogfest this month but someone I know did. This was his first (and hopefully last) encounter with your funky bunch:

I knew nothing about David Yassky until I was approached by his minions at the blogfest last week. He actually got on stage and thank god the sound sucked there because no one heard his 5  minute spiel. His assistants, who, all look like hipsters or at least are in disguise to try and get the hipster vote came up to me prob because i was wearing a superfund gowanus tshirt. This guy with a handlebar moustache started trying to convince me otherwise about the superfund, the timeline being their  biggest worry (it will slow down the course of development) I gave him an earful and i think he didn’t expect me to be as informed about what is going on, who the players are, what exactly is wrong with the canal etc….this other girl stepped in and tried to change the course of the conversation by telling me about some mural project on india street…

I would not elect you, David Yassky, as an apprentice lavatory attendant, dog catcher, fluffer or pin setter at a bowling alley. All the previous “professions” are out-dated. As are you. What frightens me more than anything is the possibility/probability you will drop out of the Comptroller race and run for another term (courtesy of the term limits you overturned) in City Council. So you can screw over  my neighborhood more thoroughly.

You will not get my vote either way. And I will encourage everyone I know to vote against you. And yours.

To quote Jack Nicholson:

This town needs an enema.

Miss Heather

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