New York Shitty Day Ender: Eye On The Street

June 22, 2012 ·
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From Morgan Avenue.

East Williamsburg Photo Du Jour: Morgan Avenue

Per a fellow employed at the establishment where this missive is located, this is their slogan.

New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: Flight

June 13, 2012 ·
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From Morgan Avenue.

New York Shitty Shitter Du Jour: Cooper Park

Given the completely revolting image of a port-o-let hailing from McCarren Park (the purported crown jewel of Community Board 1’s parks) which was brought to my attention by a concerned citizen yesterday and the fact my ladybug toilet seat (part of my “No Toilet Left Behind Project”) has suffered from not-so-benign neglect, I have decided an audit of our public lavatories is in order. Today’s privy hails from Cooper Park’s comfort station which serves the wonderfully re-vamped (and heavily patronized) Carnegie Playground.

Bad News: clearly there is some room for improvement.
Good News: the second stall was a mite bit more “user friendly”.

Urban Fur: Dog Day Afternoon

When one thinks of our Bravest, invariably one thinks of dogs. I mean, what would  our bravest be without a canine presiding over the premises? Pretty damned lame if you ask me!

Thus I was pleased as punch when I walked by Engine Company 237 yesterday and spied the above pup performing his duty.

While not a Dalmatian (the breed most associated with the fire-fighting profession) you gotta admit “Mugsy” does have his own unique charm.

It was explained to me by a co-worker that Mugsy was relaxing after a much-enjoyed bath.

As the “face” of this operation I can assure you Mugsy takes his appearance quite seriously.

Especially when it comes to the ladies!

From The New York Shitty Inbox, Part III: Homelessness Under The BQE?

May 30, 2012 ·
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A person we’ll call “N” writes:

Hi there —

Wanted to pass along some info about the homeless encampment that is starting to stink up the 5 block radius around it – I reported it to 311 and it turns out our police precinct seems to think it’s not under their jurisdiction to disband it. I’ve called the Department of Homeless Services and it seems that are also aware of the problem but have not done anything about it yet. Meanwhile the homeless guys have a BBQ, mattresses, and just tons and tons of shit piling up around there. They’ve been collecting stuff there for months now. It’s getting really disgusting. You should take a walk by there and check it out. Spread awareness and maybe if enough people complain the police or the homeless dept will get them some help. It’s really sad.


This afternoon I went to see this myself. The following photos and video footage pretty much say it all.


The Word On The Street: Annotated

From Morgan Avenue.

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: Meow?

Taken May 22, 2012.

New York Shitty Day Ender: Veng

From Morgan Avenue.

New York Shitty Street Seating du Jour: East Williamsburg Pastoral

Taken April 11, 2012.

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