LAST GASP: “Lucky” Is Lost!

Okay. I have fallen behind in my reporting on the state of our local shop cats. I’ve been busy. What’s more, the Mister has been experiencing some, um, gastronomical distress of the rainbow smile variety of late. Hillary Clinton once said it takes a village to raise a child. If what I have observed the last few days is any indication I’d say it takes a pride to watch the Mister vomit. For reasons only known to them our felines find this act— in which they all indulge with blase abandon— fascinating. Maybe it’s love? All I know is I had to clean up a pool of spilled pink hair dye and have a kitten with one pink toe as a result. The party never stops at Chez Shitty. But I digress.

I first became aware of Lucky (whose place of work and play is the P.A. Deli Grill Grocery at 145 Franklin Street, as seen above) via my buddy Rowan.

She writes:

the most bad-ass bodega kitten in Greenpoint takes a much-needed breather after giving attitude to 3 dogs, one jogger and engaging in endless pouncing.

If you have seen Lucky or know of his whereabouts please contact his peeps at P & A Deli. STAT. Thanks!

Miss Heather

Photo Credits: Rowan save the D & A Deli shot. That was taken by yours truly.

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