Al Capone: Greenpoint Kitty

April 19, 2008 ·
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This little guy was born April 15th right here in Greenpoint!

Lisacat writes:

“I’m innocent!” He’s more active and feisty than the older Weakerthans kittens I’m fostering. They’re born tough in “Greenpernt”. Note: the pink thing does not become him and is probably too stringy to be safe for kittens. I’ll have to find something more suitable for his next clip!

What else would one possibly expect from a Garden Spot cat? I should know: I have one of my own! They’re small, but they pack a lot of punch! You can learn more about Greenpoint’s littlest and cutest newcomer by clicking here.

Miss Heather

Has Anyone Seen Roscoe?

April 18, 2008 ·
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I found this flier on the Southside this week. If anyone has seen Roscoe or knows of his whereabouts, please contact Jeannie at the above-listed number. Let’s help this handsome chap find his way home!

Miss Heather

BARCmates: Justina And Provenzana

April 9, 2008 ·
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Meet Miss Justina.

This lovely (and very petite) 1 1/2 year old tabby has a lot of attitude— and sweetness. I learned this while interviewing her.

Miss Heather: What’s your name?
Justina: Can’t you read the godd*mned card on my cage?
Miss Heather: Justina, right?
Justina: Call me what you want, I want outta of this dump. No offense to the nice people at BARC— they’ve been really good to me— but this is not the lifestyle I would like to become accustomed to. I have needs.
Miss Heather: A forever home with people who will love and respect you?
Justina: Yes, exactly. Will you please rub my head now? (I did.)

Then I checked in on Justina’s neighbor, Provenzana.

Justina didn’t take too well to relinquishing the spotlight to Provenzana.

In fact, she took a couple of swipes Provenzana’s direction, but one glance from Provenzana was all it took to make Justina settle down.

Miss Heather: So what’s up with you?
Provenzana: I care not to talk about my personal affairs. I live at BARC under the feline witness protection program.
Miss Heather: Racketeering?
Provenzana: No, mouseketeering. Tony Pro sent me to shake down some particularly vexatious mice in Union City and I didn’t find my way home.
Miss Heather: That’s why you ended up in Williamsburg?
Provenzana: Yeah, more or less. I ain’t saying anything more without an attorney present.

In all seriousness, Justina and Provenzana are two (of the many) very cool cats needing homes at BARC. If you want sweet Provenzana is the best. If you’re looking for spicy, check out Justina.

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
253 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Adoption hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Oh, if you adopt Provenzana please keep her identity anonymous(e).

Miss Heather

P.S.: Katie Gastley is donating half the profits from her show, Animalia, to BARC.

Check it out!

Pillow Cafe
505 Myrtle Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11205

Bed-Stuy Photo du Jour: Kitty Cat

April 3, 2008 ·
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Inasmuch as I try to keep my crazy cat woman ravings to a minimum on New York Shitty, I cannot resist posting this serendipitous bit feline imagery via vandalism from Walworth Street. I give it two enthusiastic paws up!

Miss Heather

Animal Planet Lands In Greenpoint

April 3, 2008 ·
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The slightly older newcomers to this neighborhood will recognize this storefront. It used to belong to The Vortex* until February of last year. That’s when the landlord decided to double the rent from $2,000 to $4,000 a month. As a result, this property (which is located between Eagle and Dupont Street) stayed on the market for an entire year. It is an enormous (if ill-maintained) space. I would love to know what these people are paying for rent. I doubt it is four grand.

For pet owners in far north Greenpoint I suppose this is good news. I am cautiously optimistic. We already have Pets On The Run, NYC Pets, Petland, District Dog and (for those you willing to cross the bridge to LICLand) City Dog Lounge. I fear pet supply stores are going to become like Thai restaurants or banks here: too much of one thing.

Animal Planet
1084 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222
(718) 349-0602

Nonetheless, I wish them the best of luck and look forward to checking out their wares.

Miss Heather

*Which has moved to 222 Montrose Avenue Brooklyn, 11206.

Meet Miss Scarlet

April 1, 2008 ·
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Miss Scarlet

This lady has fallen on hard times. Per BARC’s web site:

Scarlet was abandoned in an apartment an building when the occupant disappeared. She was alone for weeks without enough food or water until the super went in and found her. Good Samaritans took her in for a while, but couldn’t keep her. She is calm and gentle and used to living with cats, although she prefers calm, adult cats. This sweet little girl has suffered enough trauma and deserves a good home.

Despite her plight Scarlet found the affections of Mr. Heather quite pleasing.

Miss Scarlet is ready for her close-up

This is a happy cat face if I have seen one. Scarlet’s previous person (Rhett Butler?) might have left her high and dry but:

…tomorrow is another day!

I am certain there is someone out there who would like to give this lovely lady happy tomorrows forever by giving her a home. Tara would be nice, but I am certain she’d settle for a railroad apartment.

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
253 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Adoption hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Speaking of BARC, mark your calendars.

T&A for Kitties and Puppies

Galapagos will be hosting a bodacious burlesque benefit April 28 with all proceeds going to help down on their luck kitties like Miss Scarlet and very deserving dogs like this guy.

70 North 6th Street

Brooklyn, New York 11211
(718) 782-5188

And that’s all she wrote!

Miss Heather

Hooper Needs Help

February 17, 2008 ·
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This little guy was trapped during a recent trap-neuter-return sortie by the ever-fantastic proprietress of Last Night’s Dinner, Jenblossom. Here’s his story in her words:

This is Hooper, a 3 month old kitten who is one of 9 strays Mike and I trapped from our back yard over the course of the last week. Hooper somehow managed to break both bones in his right front leg, but this tough little guy still climbed fences and played around with his siblings for a couple of weeks until we could catch him and get him help.

That help was provided by some amazing friends: the BARC shelter in Williamsburg donated space in their warehouse to house the cats temporarily; the ASPCA provided us with spay/neuter services at no cost as part of their humane Trap-Neuter-Return program; and the medical professionals at City Critters got Hooper examined, x-rayed and patched up. Hooper is on the mend, with about two weeks of cage rest ahead of him before he can be neutered and returned home to his mom and siblings.

Mike and I plan to make a donation to help defray the costs of the care Hooper has received from these wonderful people. If you’d like to contribute, please feel free to contact me by email, or send funds by Pay Pal to jnblssm at yahoo dot com. You can also make a donation directly to City Critters at

Hooper #2

Thank you.

No, thank you Jen for taking the time to care for those furry little ones who cannot defend themselves. Not surprisingly, Hooper has taken a shine to us humans after all the tender loving care he has received. Anyone interested in adopting him can contact Lisacat via Flickr mail.

Miss Heather

Photo Credit: Lisacat

And Then There Were Four

February 16, 2008 ·
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Tortilla caught eating laundry detergent

I am sad to announce that Chateau de Ghetto has lost one of their own. After a week of being shuttled from the veterinarian to an animal hospital in Brooklyn and from that hospital to another another one in Manhattan, today we had to put our cat Tortilla to sleep. He was 14 years old.

I cannot say that Tortilla and I had the easiest relationship. On top of not liking my cats (foisted upon him), he was aggressive, mean-spirited and not terribly bright (the above photograph was taken two years ago when I caught him eating laundry detergent). But he was our “meathead” and he will be very missed. Even by me.

Miss Heather

Heart Like a Wheel

January 18, 2008 ·
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Meet Chevette, a little kitty with a BIG story to tell! Per Lisa Vallez (a volunteer at BARC):

BARC Shelter’s kennel manager, Jose, made an unusual rescue last Saturday afternoon. A man named Richard thinks he has a kitten under the hood of his Chevy Taurus Tahoe. He’s driving and has his dog Duff in the car with him. Duff doesn’t like other dogs and really doesn’t like cats. Richard decides to drive to the shelter. No, not the safest solution, but the kitten we call Chevette is safe and sound if a little greasy. She also needs a home and prefers public transportation, in a cat carrier please!

If anyone out there is interested in giving Chevette a home, I would recommend firstly that you peruse BARC’s adoption requirements and then pay her a visit at:

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
253 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Adoption hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

You can check out Lisa’s photoset about this pint-size automotive enthusiast by clicking here. In closing I would feel remiss if I didn’t state that I think this kitty cat’s name should be Shirley. As in the first lady of drag racing herself:

I want to be the fastest woman in the world – in a manner of speaking.

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 3:40 p.m.: Chevette has been adopted! True to form, she is one fast woman! That said there are still plenty of kitty cats (especially kittens— like these guys) awaiting homes at BARC, so why not swing and check them out this weekend?

Photo Credit: Lisa Vallez

Bambi Needs a Home

January 12, 2008 ·
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Bambi, Headshot

I met this tuxedo-clad little lady last Saturday afternoon at BARC. Even though a whopping SEVEN of her “loft mates” got new homes that day, no one saw fit to give this wonderful cat so much as a second look. Today I hope to change that.

Bambi’s tummy

Bambi is an incredibly gentle and exceptionally sweet-natured girl. When I opened the cage she immediately rolled on her back and showed me her tummy. Follows is another tummy shot for all you cat belly enthusiasts out there.


Bambi is approximately one year old, but being very small in stature, she has an incredibly kitten-like appearance.

Bambi like headrubs

She is also rather fond of head rubs.

bambi’s butt

Make that VERY FOND of head rubs. Note Bambi’s little nubbin of a tail . Tres cute!

If any of you, dear readers, have been considering adopting a cat but are worried about finding one with a good temperament and gentle disposition, consider giving Bambi a whirl. Go see how heartbreakingly sweet this little lady is for yourself at:

Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
253 Wythe Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11211
Adoption hours: Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 5:00 p.m.

Take my word for it: you will not be disappointed!

Miss Heather

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