Greenpoint Degentrification Watch: Lofts 305 Still Sucks


Remember this edifice? It is located at 305 McGuinness Boulevard. I have written about this testament to the failure of the “gentrification” of Greenpoint on far more occasions than I care recount. Look ’em up on my site. That said, I really enjoy comparing this to this. That’s some damned good Photoshop work! But I digress.

My friends at Curbed scooped me on the infamous lock-out back in April. Today, I will recount to you a few problems a current resident is experiencing at 305 Lofts. While you read the following I want you to bear in mind this person, whose identity I will keep anonymous, is paying $2,800 a month in rent for this “experience”. Here’s the back-story:

  • The reason this person lives at 305 Lofts is because he/she originally signed a lease (and tendered a security deposit of $3,000) for an apartment 110 Green Street: another nondo known as The Viridian.
  • The organization behind this atrocity went bankrupt and his/her agent (under the hire of Cityspaces) showed him/her 149 Huron Street (the now failed Geo Condominiums— see a pattern developing here?). After noting the buckling wood floors (and less square footage) he/she refused.

Then the agent took him/her to 305 McGuinness Boulevard. AKA: 305 Lofts. He/she signed a 2 year lease and now regrets it. BIG TIME. Among other things:

  1. His/her apartment is still unfinished— as is a great deal of the building.
  2. The tap water is white or brown— this varies by apartment.
  3. The tiling in his/her bathroom is cracking and laden with mold. This has to be doused with bleach every day.
  4. His/her oven does not work properly due to lack of sufficient insulation/cabinetry.
  5. The landlord— or someone purporting to represent the landlord, one never knows with this place— has made it known that anyone involved in forming a “tenants’ group” will be evicted.

Nice, eh?

By the way, landlords retaliating against tenants for organizing is illegal. Then again, given all the problems with this property it is all too clear they don’t care— and why should they? The people behind 305 McGuinness have been hit with several violations for endangering public safety. The fines assessed (and paid) range from $480 to $2,000. This is what public safety (READ: a human life) is worth per the Department of Buildings.

Miss Heather


7 Comments on Greenpoint Degentrification Watch: Lofts 305 Still Sucks

  1. Brian H on Fri, 11th Dec 2009 8:25 am
  2. Is eviction a punishment or a reward?

  3. grifforama on Fri, 11th Dec 2009 10:21 am
  4. You’re sort of correct about Landlords not being able to retaliate. They cannot evict, that would be illegal, but they can certainly refuse to renew a lease. It happened to us.

  5. ms nomer on Sat, 12th Dec 2009 10:44 am
  6. In this case it sounds like eviction or non-renewal would be a blessing.

  7. hoofhearted on Mon, 14th Dec 2009 11:55 am
  8. Miss Heather,

    There is a lot more than meets the eye here.
    Though you are fairly accurate there are several things that need to be added.

    1. All of the problems were the result of a situation where the building was illegally leased by shittyspace & a developer who was in the process of purchasing the building. That purchase never happened and thus all of these issues ensued.
    2. Building is now under new ownership
    3. All issues/violations are being resolved

    I’m usually a guy who doesn’t give a crap (see my posts on curbed, etc) but a close friend of mine lives there & I want to set the record straight.
    Yes it’s still Greenpoint & yes it’s still located on McGuiness – that can never change

  9. Greenpoint boy on Mon, 28th Dec 2009 11:58 am
  10. Many errors with your blog post, Heather…
    305 Mcguiness is actually under new ownership & management and any issues, violations have been resolved. All current tenants, as far as I know are now more than happy to be living in the building. The on-site super is AWESOME. The new owner is responsive and proactive with any repairs, changes, etc that need to be made & new management is more than capable in handling day to day operations.
    Just thought you needed to hear some of the good about this building….The issues you discuss may or may not have occured but if they did, it was certainly under the previous owners/mgt/broker.
    Happy Holidays.

  11. missheather on Mon, 28th Dec 2009 1:08 pm
  12. The current tenants are NOT happy with the situation at 305 McGuinness. In fact, I spoke to one of them this weekend. However, you are correct in asserting that repairs are being made. Therein lies one of the problems: these repairs are being conducted at all hours and are proving to be a serious annoyance to a number of people living in this building.

  13. Rebel Princess on Sun, 20th Dec 2015 7:59 pm
  14. I just noticed that there are 3 one bedroom vacancies in this building that are now being advertised as 2 bedrooms (Apt 4D/4I/3G). This is indeed NOT legal in NYC because the second “bedroom” upstairs does not have a window. How can they get away with this just to charge a higher rent and claim it’s a 2 bedroom? They must register what is listed on the Certificate of Occupancy. Any broker or agency that markets a dwelling falsely or inaccurately is in violation of the Code of Ethics of the Real Estate Board of NY and can be subject to disciplinary procedures, which can include having their license revoked and heavy fines.

    Previously they used to list it as a one bedroom, but just changed the listing one week ago to say 2 bedroom. There are several real estate agencies doing this: Brick & Mortar, Dreamspace, Bellmarc and Miron Properties.

    According to NY ADMINISTRATIVE CODE: “All bedrooms must have at least one window that opens to a street, yard, or courtyard or to a balcony that opens to a street, yard or court.”

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