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Per a tipster.

A tee for Greenpoint600

It would appear Brooklyn Industries is either unaware that GWAPP ain’t what it used to be— or is shilling the same old t-shirt with the same old premise:

We fought the power plants and won!

If GWAPP was/is “winning”, why did this come to pass? And why does someone charged with appointing new board members behave in this manner? (start watching at 5;00)

I harbor a downright Darwinian attitude when it comes to “community orgs”. Simply put: if GWAPP is failing it is because the leadership has failed the community. GWAPP failed, shuffled the deck and now GWAPP 2.0. (which should not be confused with its predecessor), in its infinite wisdom, is going to charge former board members to appoint new ones. Exactly how this is going to create a different outcome is a mystery to yours truly. In any case GWAPP or whatever one wants to call it) is a one trick pony. They fall back on the power plant fight because, quite frankly, that’s all have.

And of course my personal favorite:


You gotta love this kind of hypocrisy. Be sure to thank GWAPP— Adam Perlmutter, Esquire— in particular, when they start piledriving at Greenpoint Landing. That should work wonders for the air quality ereabotus. Is this worth a t-shirt? Really?

P.S.: Melinda Katz, you took a shit on my community. I have returned the favor— via a snow globe!

Queens id for lovers 600

Now In Greenpoint: Brooklyn Industries

May 20, 2012 ·
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From the New York Shitty Inbox:

Hello Miss Heather,

My name is (excised), marketing manager for Brooklyn Industries. As a personal fan of your blog (Thanks! — Ed. Note) I wanted to reach out and let you know we will be opening a new BKI store in Greenpoint tomorrow. While we will be hosting a party for the opening on June 14th, I would love to be able to show you around the store beforehand if you are free.

I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you.

I have elected to decline this offer. The following advertising copy should shed some light as to why. (NOTE: I have bold-faced passages I found of special interest):

Brooklyn Industries will open its newest and most architecturally innovative retail store to date on Brooklyn’s historical Manhattan Avenue on Friday, May 18th. Like all Brooklyn Industries locations, Greenpoint will be powered using 100% Wind Power and having purchased only 6 pieces of sheetrock for the construction, this location differs due to 98% of the store being re-constructed from recycled material.  Transitional art installations and a small scale BKI Museum will seamlessly merge with sales merchandise to create an artistic and uniquely inspiring shopping experience.

With the opening of the Greenpoint location, Brooklyn Industries continues a tradition of supporting emerging neighborhoods by being a part of their renaissance and the new retail space will celebrate the history of the brand’s evolution. BKI’s first production factory was on the boarder of Greenpoint and Williamsburg, producing innovative and socially responsive products such as the famed Billboard Messenger and Gas Mask graphic tee. As the initial style to launch under the Brooklyn Industries brand, the Gas Mask Tee was designed to support a local environmental group fighting against the development of an area power plant. While the environmental group eventually won their battle, this t-shirt solidified to not only the local community and social causes, but the environment. 

The new location is part of the brand’s strategic business strategy to focus on the New York market. At Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint, a knowledgeable sales staff will be available to inform customers about the latest products from Brooklyn Industries including signature styles and collections such as the premier line of locally manufactured handbags and graphic tees.

Brooklyn Industries Greenpoint is located at 658 Manhattan Ave Brooklyn, NY 11222


Brooklyn Industries is a cutting edge design company that sells its innovative clothes exclusively through its 15 retail stores and online website. Founded by visionary artists Lexy Funk and Vahap Avsar in 1998, Brooklyn Industries’ stores engage the local community in art, clothing, design and style.

Brooklyn Industries was honored as a “Green Power Pioneer” by ConEdison Solutions and Community Energy, Inc. in recognition of its commitment to using Wind Power in its stores and office headquarters. In 2006, Brooklyn Industries was recognized as a top entrepreneur with Crain’s New York Business’ coated “Small Business Award.” The company also ranked in Inc. Magazine’s 500 list, which highlights the nation’s fastest-growing private companies.

Brooklyn Industries continues to grow every year as an innovative and creative vertical retailer, staying true to its Brooklyn roots.


  • Manhattan Avenue is “historical”?
  • The place I call home is an “emerging neighborhood” and is currently experiencing its “renaissance”?
  • And there’s a “business strategy” involved?

Thanks but no thanks. But for the rest of you all…

Brooklyn Industries
Status: Open
Opening Party: June 14, 2012
685 Manhattan Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

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