Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Cat Walk

From Manhattan Avenue, a constant source of fashion inspiration for yours truly.

The Word On The Street, Part II: Peace

From Green Street.

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Green Street

Taken May 6, 2012.

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: Ymi

May 1, 2012 ·
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Taken May 1, 2012.

Green Street Feral Dildo Watch: Still There!

April 2, 2012 ·
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While perhaps hardly surprising, I feel compelled to announce that as of the writing of this post, alas, the free vibrator and condoms offered at 145 Green Street have yet to find a loving home. Nonetheless this turn-of-events inspired a fit artistic inspiration in yours truly— and having a spare doll-sized boxing championship belt laying around I decided to act upon it!

I entitle this creation “Champ”! Now if you don’t mind, gentle readers, I am off to wash my hands…

P.S.: It is the author of this site’s utmost wish that whoever sees fit to eventually take these items will field test them on site before toting them home. Make it happen, Greenpoint magic!

Urban Fur: Stray Cat Strut

While today is most certainly a bit brisk, that did not deter some of North ‘Point’s feral felines from catching a little sunshine! Closing on a related note (and although I have posted this already) the foursome lounging at left are in need of someone to help with their care! Tori, their “person”, writes:

Needed one or two colony caretakers for a feral cat colony of seven cats for morning feedings near West Street. Saturday morning,  and one or two other mornings, to be fed at 830- 9 A.M. Caretaker provides food. All the cats are neutered/spayed and are delightful. Colony has several caretakers. Rewarding work. A brief training is available the first time;

Please help spread the word!


The Word On The Street, Part II: Tetris

Taken April 2, 2012.

Spotted On Green Street: Clean!

This hilarious— and yet mildly horrifying— offer can be found at 145 Green Street. Any takers out there?

Greenpoint Photo du Jour: FOUND

March 27, 2012 ·
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If anyone reading this knows to whom this lass (who was found on Green Street and is apparently very friendly) belongs, please contact her good Samaritan at the above-listed phone number. Thanks!

New York Shitty Day Ender: Beware of Dog

March 24, 2012 ·
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Beware of Dog

This slice of Garden Spot life hails from Green Street and comes courtesy of Will Star.

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