New York Shitty Feral Furniture Watch: Storage & Rug Combo

February 14, 2011 ·
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Taken February 13, 2011.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: Angst

January 18, 2011 ·
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From North 10 Street.

Miss Heather

Williamsburg Street Art Du Jour: More New Ugly Buildings

January 12, 2011 ·
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This cutie (which graces a piece of Karl Fischer’s crap on Union Avenue) makes two Dan Witz pieces this week!

Miss Heather

Greenpoint Street Art Du Jour: West Street

Taken November 4, 2010.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: NV

October 7, 2010 ·
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Taken October 6, 2010.

Miss Heather

Reader Comment Du Jour: Halden Speaks

May 11, 2010 ·
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I like to bust Brooklyn11211‘s chops. A lot. It’s nothing personal. It is simply something I have to do. As the ombudswoman of the Garden Spot I feel it is my responsibility to remind Halden—and the world at large— that the Eastern District does, in fact, include Greenpoint. Halden’s sense of humor is pithy. As is mine. It’s a game we play. We’re friends and it’s in good humor.

But on occasion we disagree— or get flippant. This is one such case. Halden writes in regards to this post:

As bad as these are, they all look like fencing failures around empty lots. Not to belittle the danger of that, it was a bit scarier further south. Curbed has a picture of a wall collapse at the building going up on North 4th and Wythe (a project that always looked a bit tenuous, structurally). And on Kent between North 1st and Grand, a construction fence went down exposing a 15? deep foundation pit. It was a pretty crazy wind for well over 24 hours, so I’m sure there was more and worse elsewhere.

To wit I replied:

Better, worse, it doesn’t change the fact this unacceptable. If you want to see something downright scary go to 94 Bedford Avenue. It is all too obvious a great deal of the sidewalk is not adequately supported. It is buckling. This is especially true of the area around the B62 bus stop. I envision in my mind’s eye 10-12 people getting swallowed into that cess pit some day. As if public transportation patrons do not suffer enough indignities already.

Not content to let this pissing match be, I asked one of my Williamsburg moles to get shots of the fence in question. Here they are.

I like the sand (?) propping up (tipping over?) the fence while the sidewalk is sinking. This is one class operation.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Hole Sweet Hole

April 5, 2010 ·
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From Union Avenue.

Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: The North 11 Street Spycam!

March 30, 2010 ·
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K (who sent the above photo) writes:

Hi Miss Heather,

First off, thank you for your blog — i visit it daily and heart it SO much! I wanted to send you a pic of the toxic construction site on N11 and Bedford – specifically how precarious the sidewalk structure is.  I work in a building that looks onto the site and have watched the construction/non-construction go on for what – almost a year now.  In any case, a couple weeks ago I was walking on the sidewalk across from Turkey’s Nest and saw that the corner of the sidewalk had essentially fallen in.  The resolution to the ‘hole’ was to just fill it up with concrete (geniuses!)  and not actually consider the lack of foundation this sidewalk currently has.  So, I thought – this is when I will finally make the move and take a picture of what is actually going on on the other side of the blue wall we all see on Bedford. The image is attached to this email – you will see that we are all walking on a falling wall of foundation that is being held up(?!) by metal columns…

If you’d like, I can continue to send you the slow moving construction as I have a perfect bird’s eye view.

As you can imagine, I took up K on her generous offer and I look forward to her bird’s eye view of this unfolding train wreck. In the meantime, you might want to watch where you step Williamsburgers!

Miss Heather

P.S.: Here’s a nice big shot of this wading pool provided by another reader, Langer!

Quicklink: Warehouse 11 Goes Chapter 11?

February 12, 2010 ·
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(or the Roebling Oil Field Achieves Infamy)

My buddy at Brooklyn11211 writes:

Need a good chuckle? Before Bob, the Roebling Oil Field (as seen above in its primordial state — Ed. Note) didn’t really exist – now it is the stuff of history!

Click on the above link. Enjoy the irony and Schadenfreude. I did.

Miss Heather

Photo Credits: Robert Guskind. For more fun about the black gold under Warehouse 11 click here.

Quicklink: The Great Greenpoint Ugly-Off!

February 9, 2010 ·
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My buddy Joey over at Curbed was kind enough to bring this fugfest featuring two buildings from none other than the Garden Spot of the Universe to my attention. So which excrescence do YOU think is worse: 200 Franklin Street or 524 Manhattan Avenue? Personally (and I write this as the “tipster” mentioned in the photo credits) I lean towards 200 Franklin. It looks like am ionic air purifier date-raped a butt plug. Or as one commenter, Restless, puts it all too eloquently:

I’d be ashamed to be seen entering either one, but have to give the Eye Damage Award to 524 Manhattan — because it looks like Harry was serious, while we all know Karl scribbles his designs in his sleep, as therapy, hoping to transfer his nightmares to the world at large.

I couldn’t have said it any better myself. Point, click and vote fellow Greenpointers!

Miss Heather

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