Live From District Dog: Kittens & More!

When I saw the sign in front of District Dog stating there were kittens for adoption I simply HAD to see them.

And see them I did! More specifically: I parsed their naughty bits so as to ascertain their gender. By all appearances this sextet (which all hail from Sutton Street between Norman and Nassau Avenue) is entirely male. Hence why I have named this (incredibly cute) crew the “Greenpoint Sausagefest”. Without further ado here are some photographs and video footage of them. As you will soon see they are absolutely adorable— and VERY adoptable!

NOTE: while alarmed by my ringtone (Beyonce’s solo on Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”) they did not run away. This is something for potential adoptees (be they Beyonce fans, Lady Gaga fans— or both) to consider. These kittens will be up for adoption at District Dog tomorrow. After that they will be hanging their proverbial hat at Dog Habitat. Regardless, these winsome chaps need a home. Maybe yours?

Kittens For Adoption
August 20, 2011
District Dog
142 Driggs Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11222

In closing I would be remiss if I did not mention that the previous (and rather rambunctious) crew has a neighbor.

I’ll let a chap we’ll call Ed take it from here:

If you feel so inclined would you mind putting this out on the wire for us? The cat in the attached flyer had been seen wandering around Diamond Street for the last week or so before Dog Habitat was kind enough to scoop her up and take her in. The cat was wearing a collar at first, leading us to believe s/he belongs to someone that may be looking for it.

Here’s the flier.

If anyone knows who this lass (chap?) belongs to or cares to give her (him?) a forever home please contact the fine folks at Dog Habitat at the above-listed telephone number.


Miss Heather




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