Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: On The Waterfront

See that grey stuff? That’s Manhattan.


Once again: Yup.

One more time: Yup.

The good news: the feral felines which North Brooklyn Cats (lovely ladies all) trapped, neutered and released appear to be doing well!

The bad news: the park bench* and fence** gracing this piece of much-needed “open space” are still submerged.

What’s more, they now have a most unusual urban artifact to give them company.

A safe.

Make that an EX safe.

Welcome to Greenpoint.

Repeat after me:

Graffiti— not landlord neglect; definitely not a lack of investment and especially NOT enforcement of the law by our fair city— is ruining the neighborhood…

*Aquatic since at least November 3, 2013.
**Wrecked since at least October 8, 2013.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Down Periscope!*

November 17, 2013 ·
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Down Periscope

Taken November 17, 2013.

*Props go out to Pa Heather for the title!

The Word On The Street: Java Street

collective orgasm


Lace Curtain


Truck House Front

If I lived here Id be home by now

As spotted across the street from the local Democratic Club. Is there such a thing as a log cabin Democrat? In any case, it sort of reminds me of grandma’s house. Well, except for the anarchy symbols and I never recollected her saying anything about insects’ weeping assholes. Grandma Heather was a lot more “old school” in that respect and simply inquired as to whether or not I had a bowel movement every time I patronized the bathroom. The fact that I, being a child, had no idea what a bowel movement was was irrelevant. Ah memories…

Urban Artifact: Special Rabbit Died Edition

November 5, 2013 ·
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This item hails from a tree pit on Java Street and was captured by a very nice fellow named Paul (who also happens to author the blog Daily Oliver). He writes:

Looks like the tree I found this next to might be pregnant!

In closing (and to borrow/adapt commentary from a friend of this fellow):

This brings a whole new meaning to the term “tree hugger”.

Cheers— or would that be congratulations— and thanks again Paul for letting me share this fascinating urban artifact!

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Gearing Up For Halloween Edition

Franklin Street


Java Street


(Taken October 27, 2013.)

Urban Artifact: $5

October 16, 2013 ·
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Bring Munny

I happened upon this item on Java Street today. For those of you who are having trouble deciphering it, it reads as follows:

Bring $5 muney.

Innocent reminder (invoice?) or ransom note?

I’ll let you, gentle readers, make the call. Now if you do not mind, I am off to place this item on the Mister’s desk.

Greenpoint Real Estate Ad Du Jour: Cool

September 3, 2013 ·
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But of course. For $4,200 a month I demand to have only cool people for neighbors. I do not want my subway tile, chandelier and glass shower sullied by the presence of the hoi polloi. I’ll take two!

New York Shitty Feral Furniture Watch: Greenpoint Selections…

Huron Street



India Street


Java Street



(All taken August 21, 2013.)

New York Shitty Photo Du Jour: The Word On The Street


As spied on Java Street. Happy Friday everybody!

Spotted On Manhattan Avenue: $2,000 Reward

June 26, 2013 ·
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Spied this while running a quick errand this afternoon. Not only does this flyer give a pretty through description of the incident and suspect, but it give the Detective to contact regarding tips and that a $2,000 reward is being offered. Although a suspect has been taken into custody, and there yet to be any word on that front, this information is good to know. Spread the word.

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