From The New York Shitty Inbox: Trouble At The Bierberbus?

(Or: Has Anyone Seen Moksie & Zuneb?)

Coco writes:

Hi Miss Heather,

Thought you might be interested since you’re obviously a catfriend and have previously posted about the pink and lilac bus parked near McCarren Park (aka the Bieberbus).

This morning I saw a ‘lost cat’ flier that said both their cats had escaped through an open window (sorry I didn’t get a photo!). The poster has photos of both cats, one called Zuneb (I think) and the other whose name I have forgotten. One of the cats has a thought bubble drawn over it’s head saying, “the prison is in my mind”, which I thought was very funny even though lost pet posters just make me sad. Anyway, the flier is on Driggs Ave next to the park, on the opposite side of the street from the dog runs (of course, I’m sure there are others posted elsewhere as well).

Hope the cats find their was home!

Methinks tomorrow I will have to sojourn to the treasure that is McCarren Park and see this for myself. In the meantime if anyone can grab a shot of this flier and forward it to me via email at: missheather (at) newyorkshitty (dot) com I would be most grateful. Thanks!

Without further ado (and thanks again to Coco), here it is!

Perhaps these pussies decided that living in a “pink school bus house conversion” is declasse and are seeking more commodious accommodations at one of the numerous “luxury condos” located hereabouts? In any case, am I the only person who is wondering where this mobile home’s homo sapien residents go to the bathroom or bathe? Seriously.

UPDATE, September 4, 2010: Moksie has been recovered! Zuneb, however, is still at large.

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Street Seating Du Jour: McCarren Park

While not a piece of street seating per se, I felt this decidedly luxe specimen— a rocker, no less— was noteworthy nonetheless. Dare I say it, but our parks are getting downright tony nowadays.

Miss Heather

LAST GASP: Pissy Poppins?

Macgyver /Mary Poppins public urination stealth mission.

Macgyver /Mary Poppins public urination stealth mission.

Macgyver /Mary Poppins public urination stealth mission.

These photographs (which hail from none other than north Brooklyn’s pride and joy: McCarren Park) come courtesy of Miss Mousey Brown who writes:

BTW dumbass, the pretty girls near the handball courts were laughing at your lame ass. The port-a-potties were closer than the distance you traveled to pee behind a patio umbrella on the fence line… Well done!


McCarren Park portos on a saturday night


Of course given the state of one port-o-let (that has been thoughtfully provided by our local private/public “partnership”) can you blame him?

Miss Heather

New York Shitty Video Du Jour: A Fish Tale

August 24, 2010 ·
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It would appear someone caught a fish in Newtown Creek and employed it (along with some gray paint— or perhaps this substance too was derived the creek? I certainly wouldn’t rule it out, in any case.) for a little art project on Manhattan Avenue. Enjoy!

Does anyone have the 411 on this? If so, please share via comments or shoot me an email at: missheather (at) thatgreenpointblog (dot) com. Your identity will remain anonymous if you so desire. Thanks!

Miss Heather

UPDATE, 10:09 p.m.: It would appear this fish swam (or for those of you who believe in evolution: crawled) upstream… all the way to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk!

Laura (who took the above photos) writes:

Hi Heather! Evidently, the fish prints you found at Manhattan St. End Park, lead down to the Nature Walk. Mike and I ended up debating about them. At one point the fish appear on the wall of the NCWPCP. I like the fish. Mike doesn’t.

Are we Greenpointers witnessing the birth of a new species or is it spawning season in the Garden Spot? I can only hope so— on both counts. Given the contentious nature of our soon-to-be past summer our community could use a little love. In any case, prior to this fish tale this park has been utilized/repurposed as:

  1. A hamster burial ground
  2. A campsite/squat

I can hardly wait to see what’s next.

Williamsburg Video Du Jour: Après Moi le Deluge

August 22, 2010 ·
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As yours truly inexorably creeps closer to middle age, I have achieved a certain level of acceptance about life. For example:

  1. I have grown to accept I will never be a millionaire. Money always has been and always will be a concern for me.
  2. I will never win the Nobel Prize. Not that I have really tried, mind you. I am, by my own admission a colossal UNDERachiever.
  3. I have pretty much (by)passed all the milestones people hold near and dear. All I have left to do is die— which brings me to the video you just watched.

I would like to take a moment to applaud the New York City Parks Department for awakening me from my existentialist funk by reminding me that I am in no hurry whatsoever to accomplish point #3. In fact, I have never felt so alive as I did this afternoon while patronizing this public lavatory at Jamie Campiz Playground and praying to god* I would not be electrocuted.

Sincerely grateful,

Miss Heather

*Given I am an agnostic this is truly noteworthy.

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Manhattan Avenue Park Squat Gets A New Addition

August 16, 2010 ·
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(Or: Greenpoint At Long Last Gets Some Affordable Housing!)

Laura (who the above photographs earlier this afternoon) writes:

The homeless camp at Manhattan Ave St. End Park is expanding. There’s a tent, laundry in the tree, and a small covered ditch which I suspect is the toilet.


Miss Heather

From The New York Shitty Inbox: Al Fresco Living At Manhattan Avenue Park

August 14, 2010 ·
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Earlier this week I broke the news that 400 McGuinness Boulevard may very well become a 200 bed homeless facility. If what I found in my inbox is any indication, this may not be such a bad thing. For a city that purportedly never sleeps, I seem to find people getting a little shut eye damned near everywhere nowadays. This is especially true of our precious (and, it should be noted: poorly managed) park space. What makes this case special is, well, see for yourself…

Laura (who took the above photographs today) writes:

This particular group has been camping out in Manhattan Ave St. End Park for about a week now. Their group is getting bigger & they now have a blow up mattress & other gear there…


Miss Heather

New York Shitty Day Ender: Sweet Dreams

August 5, 2010 ·
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From McGolrick Park.

Miss Heather

Now At McGolrick Park: Baggies & Dead Squirrels

I have long been remiss in checking out how things are shaking across McGuinness Boulevard. Namely, McGolrick Park. Fortunately I got a much-needed reminder via an email from an anonymous tipster. He/she writes:

…Used needles are being found in the woody garden areas of McGolrick by Nassau.  That’s the scarey part, but I am awaiting confirmation because this was third hand info…

I decided to go down there and see if I could find any. First up, the good news: I didn’t.

And now the bad news: it became all too clear from the get-go someone has a pretty brisk business selling and/or consuming illegal intoxicants— especially around Nassau Avenue and Russell Street. Without further ado here is a slide show featuring the rainbow assortment of baggies I found on my sojourns. I have tossed in a few shots of dead squirrels I found as well. Why, you ask? Because one would think the Parks Department would be “on” that kind of thing. Enjoy!

Miss Heather

Update, 6:12 p.m.: I have received an email regarding “activity” at McGolrick park from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. He/she writes:

I live on McGolrick Park and have seen more drug activity lately- came home from work one day to a woman nodding out in her car parked in front of my apt.- car door was wide open and she was seriously messed up.  I called the cops and they were uninterested.  I asked them to come because I figured if she tried to drive in her condition it would be dangerous.  They asked if I had “seen her commit a crime” and I said no, but obviously they might want to check into the situation and they refused.

Spotted At Barge Park: A Royal Flush

July 23, 2010 ·
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No, make that two royal flushes!

It looks like we have finally gotten our temporary crappers, Greenpointers!

What’s more they’re actually clean! Will the wonders ever cease?

Miss Heather

P.S.: I have also word from Miss Mousey Brown two port-o-lets have been placed by the handball courts at McCarren Park. Click here and see ’em for yourself! On a related note, Monday, July 26, at 4:00 p.m. Parks Moms will be having a walk-through at McCarren Park. What’s the purpose, you ask? Here’s the 411 per the email I received:

THE IDEA IS TO WALK THE WHOLE PARK, POINT OUT, AND LIST THINGS THAT NEED FIXING/IMPROVEMENT (both short and long term) AND  DETERMINE WHAT IS NEEDED FROM OSA/PARKS/THE COMMUNITY/PARKS GROUPS TO GET THESE THINGS DONE. This meeting has a practical, get-things-done and work-together intent. Right now we will try to especially focus on “the “low hanging fruit” as Kate Z. so succinctly put it- things that can realistically get done now to improve McCarren!


Park Mom’s McCarren Walk-Through
July 26, 2010 starting at 4:00 p.m.
McCarren Park, meet at the corner of Bedford Avenue and Lorimer Street
Brooklyn, New York 11222

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