Quicklink: Live The Brooklyn Dream!


It would appear a favorite steakhouse of the Mister’s, DeStefano’s, has hit the market for just shy of $3,000,000 million dollars.


91 Conselyea St LIVE THE BROOKLYN DREAM! Flawlessly situated on the corner of Conselyea and Leonard Street, is this beautiful, massive mixed-use brick property offering an exquisitely crafted NYC Steakhouse Restaurant with a private residence above and its own 2 car garage with addition FAR; all 100% owner occupied! This classy, well-known restaurant generates consistent cash flow and has the ability to seat many (that’s debatable — Ed. Note)…

You can view this listing in its entirety by clicking here.

Hat tip goes out to Miss Mousey Brown for this.

Urban Fur: The Best Bodega Cat In Brooklyn, R.I.P.



Last night the Mister and yours truly were walking down Lorimer Street. As we approached Meeker Avenue, I excitedly told him we were about to pass the bodega that the fittingly-named furkid, Tank, called his place of work and play.  You can undoubtedly understand my sadness, gentle readers, when I happened upon the above memorial. Rest in peace, big boy, you are and will continue to be missed.


You can see more shots of this handsome fellow in his resplendent, super-sized glory by clicking here.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Manhattan Avenue


Taken June 18, 2013.

Spotted At 648 Manhattan Avenue: Another One Bites The Dust



Those of you who are not fluent in Polish and are curious to know what’s going on here, this establishment is going out of business and is having a sale. I asked the proprietor (I was there to purchase a few goodies) if the landlord raised his rent to some prohibitive amount. He nodded his head.


As to what the future holds for Ellie, one of yours truly’s favorite “working” cats, that is anyone’s guess…

New York Shitty Photos Du Jour: From Manhattan Avenue With Love




Taken June 16, 2013.

Missing On Second Avenue*: Pepe



*on/around 1147 lest you are curious.

Greenpoint Photo Du Jour: Freeman Street


Taken June 7, 2013. (previously)

Quicklink: Dog Attacked In North ‘Point

gptrsscSadly, Arlo died of his wounds. You can get the whole run-down of what happened— and how you can help— by clicking here. Keep your eyes peeled— and be vigilant— Greenpoint dog lovers…

Greenpoint Photos Du Jour: Goodbye




It is with a heavy heart I relay that one of Manhattan Avenue’s most beloved citizens is no longer with us. As a woman I saw crying upon reading the above heartfelt eulogy clearly attests: she is missed by many.


H/T: to Greenpointers for breaking this distressing news.

BREAKING: Attempted Suicide On The G?

Those of you who have been wondering what all the activity is about at the Greenpoint and India Street entrances of the Crosstown Local— or are unaware that this is even coming to pass: I am very saddened to report that apparently someone jumped in front of an oncoming train. This is all I know presently. Those of you who are headed off for your evening commute and have to rely upon the G, the B43 or 62 buses should expect serious crowding and delays.

UPDATE, 6:30 p.m.: Here’s Gothamist’s take on what happened.

UPDATE, 7:05 p.m.: Here’s “Fox New’s” take.

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